Some more updates

Hey everyone,Recently trolling on Facebook is very calm. Most of my statuses so far received less than 10 comments. Some had no comments at all. I guest they had used up all their power on Monday the 12th when they trolled in maximum mode. I can say the conditions had been restored to what it … Continue reading Some more updates


Best practical ASDAN challenges (late 2010 –> early 2012)

Hey what's up?I've taken part in ASDAN for a long time now, and the number of practical challenges are large enough now to write the summary of the best ones(stars) and the worst ones(dogs).Star challenges: Cooking challenge and the food review taken at Emporium.These 2 are the best; they are the ones I enjoyed the … Continue reading Best practical ASDAN challenges (late 2010 –> early 2012)

Trolls activity update

Well, it seemed that things was over, but after I challenged my troll friends with just one post on my another friend's wall, they immediately put their power to maximum mode and flood that post with more than 10 comments within a few seconds! And they did that again on one of my latest status … Continue reading Trolls activity update

Some more updates

Hey what's up!So, my birthday has passed, and it wasn't so bad as I thought it would be. I got about 20-22 greetings, which is amazing! Also recently trolling seemed to get calmer, which is a very good thing for me. But I suspect they will spring into action once I update my status on … Continue reading Some more updates

How to get Windows 8 consumer preview wallpaper!

Yeah, Windows 8 consumer preview is out now, and you can get it from Microsoft.But, if you don't want a full OS, but just a wallpaper of it, what you can do is search on Google for a wallpaper of Windows 8 consumer preview. The wallpaper you want should match the screenshot below.Or, if you've … Continue reading How to get Windows 8 consumer preview wallpaper!