Some more updates

Hey everyone,
Recently trolling on Facebook is very calm. Most of my statuses so far received less than 10 comments. Some had no comments at all. I guest they had used up all their power on Monday the 12th when they trolled in maximum mode. I can say the conditions had been restored to what it was like before January 29th which is the start of the trolling season, which is quite good, but it is also very boring as there was almost nothing for me to read.
So far, things are quite stable I must say.

Best practical ASDAN challenges (late 2010 –> early 2012)

Hey what’s up?
I’ve taken part in ASDAN for a long time now, and the number of practical challenges are large enough now to write the summary of the best ones(stars) and the worst ones(dogs).
Star challenges: Cooking challenge and the food review taken at Emporium.
These 2 are the best; they are the ones I enjoyed the most. Even though they take only a fraction of a day and normal lessons are still going on, but yet it’s fun! I like these 2 challenges the best! Also the cooking challenge lasts for multiple days; tomorrow and next Thursday 2 groups in my class will cook and I get to eat free food which is awesome!
Dog challenges: Watching movie at Siam Paragon and the trip to Lumpini Park.
These 2 are amongst the worst of all, and I hate them to my soul. Watching movie was nothing, but 2-3 hours of siting. Lumpini Park was dredful, and it even rained on the way back. Also there was nothing to do in the trip, other than watching the damn environment.
I hope by the end of 2012 I could write a summary of the 5 best and worst ASDAN challenges.

Trolls activity update

Well, it seemed that things was over, but after I challenged my troll friends with just one post on my another friend’s wall, they immediately put their power to maximum mode and flood that post with more than 10 comments within a few seconds! And they did that again on one of my latest status too!
And the result? One of my friend directly posted on my wall, saying something along the line that I should stop stalking her friend…which I think those trolls are all to blame! Now I don’t know what will happen next! And this happens to be on my best friend’s wall…now only thing I can hope that no one mentioned it tomorrow!
I have to say, this thing today is very unexpected. I thought the trolls had used up all their power during February but clearly they did not!

Upcoming events

Well, the most exciting events is over, but still smaller events which are exciting are still on the way. Right-off-the-back is World Spelling Day, World Maths Day, and World Science Day. They are pretty exciting, but I’m not sure if the school will do anything special. I hope so.

Some more updates

Hey what’s up!
So, my birthday has passed, and it wasn’t so bad as I thought it would be. I got about 20-22 greetings, which is amazing! Also recently trolling seemed to get calmer, which is a very good thing for me. But I suspect they will spring into action once I update my status on Facebook.
So, at this point, I cannot say that the trolls had died off yet. What I can say now that the activities is now less intense. I hope it will go this way throughout the year, so I then could de-list this event from the 5 worst events of the year.

How to get Windows 8 consumer preview wallpaper!

Yeah, Windows 8 consumer preview is out now, and you can get it from Microsoft.
But, if you don’t want a full OS, but just a wallpaper of it, what you can do is search on Google for a wallpaper of Windows 8 consumer preview. The wallpaper you want should match the screenshot below.

Or, if you’ve got it to installed inside a virtual machine or on a partition, boot into your new installation, and transfer the file ‘img0’ in C:\Windows\Web\Wallpapers\Windows to a removable storage or a shared drive that can be accessed by both your current Windows installation and your new Windows installation.
Then, just change your wallpaper in the display settings(Windows XP) or personalize(Windows Vista/7) and you’re done!