Some updates

Hey what’s up?
So, I said earlier that I may wap all events taking place in May into 1 event, right? Well I will do that. I originally want to place events during May somewhere around the best events of 2012, but due to the third trolls era I have to abandon that plan; but the ASDAN bowling activity on May 13th and the Thai trip on May 17th may be featured as one of the best events of 2012.
That’s all for now…

2 types of trolls

So, so far, I can observe 2 types of trolls that kept annoying me until today.
First, is the school trolls. These are my friends who annoyed me at school in person. This form of trolls can be stopped by simply telling the teachers, but, since trolls annoy me with the subject of me liking a girl, they will find a chance when I and the girl that the trolls is talking about is in the same class or that I sit close to her to annoy me; like the latest trolls era, the third trolls era. The girl that the trolls is interested is sitting at the same table as me in Business Studies along with one of the troll, and she is in my English class, and along with that, a few trolls. This means that the trolls already got hold of perfect chances to annoy me; and that ‘perfect chances’ is when the teacher is out of the room.
Second, is the Facebook trolls. This is the latest addition, and started when I posted on one of my friend’s wall on the 29th of January. The boom time for this form of trolls is most of the time during February, mainly because of the Valentines Day. During that day, I posted to her ‘Happy Valentines Day.’, and I got roughly hundred comments from trolls by the end of the day. Those comments are usual, with the soul purpose of annoying me. Unlike the school trolls, this one is much more difficult to stop, because there is almost nowhere that I can report them to, other than marking them as spam. And the most distructive weapon of this form of trolls is tagging, as happened yesterday on one of my status where one of the troll tagged roughly 6 people including me.
Lastly, the most striking thing about the trolls is that both forms of trolls were done by the same group of my friends, rather than a different group of my friends.

Third trolls era so far; very bad

Hey everybody!
So, yesterday things were much calmer than May 23rd, so as well as today. But a while ago, just I posted how I feel about today, trolls begun a rapid explosion, and they went ahead with the tagging of even more trolls to come and annoy me.
Only 3 days into this trolls era, and already things are very intense. I think this thing will become the worst event of 2012 for sure.
So, here is an updated brief summary of each trolls eras.
First trolls era: Late 2009 to mid 2010.
This first trolls era isn’t quite intense, mainly due to the lack of Facebook trolls.
Second trolls era: Late 2010 to April 5th, 2012.
The last trolls era, the second trolls era, is the longest at the moment, and is one of the most annoying; much of that is due to the addition of Facebook trolls earlier this year, and it ended in a dreadful way.
Third trolls era: May 23rd, 2012 to now.
The current trolls era is still on, and right by day 1 it exploded like a wildfire already. It is very annoying since day 1, but I still have to watch whether things will calm down or heat up as time passes by. But trolls seem to have sufficient power, reserved after the trolling war in February and the March 12th trolling day. But really, the addition of Facebook trolls earlier during the last months of the second trolls era is really annoying, and they are still there.
So far, things are going in a very bad way. The exams next week will help put out some of these trolls, but I suspect they will be activated fully after the exams.
Oh, and I still remember one comment from yesterday’s status. That comment, posted by one of my friend that I have posted on her wall on the 22nd of May, acts like a magic that instantly drives out all trolls, and so far that status seems to be dead. But like what I said, the unusual reduction in trolls activity during recent days is due to the exams throughout next week, and my fear is that, trolls will be active again once the exam is over by the end of next week, which means that some of those trolls tagged by one of the troll yesterday, may actually go back and revived the thread from yesterday, and may eventually start attacking me again, but may be even in a more annoying/irritating form.

A bad day; the start of the third trolls era

Hello everyone,
So, today wasn’t good at all. Today is the start of the new trolls era, the third trolls era. This actually started when I wrote ‘Hi.’ on someone else’s wall. And immediately they think I like her and so today they trolled me with that topic…which is very annoying!
Now, I can only hope that things will not go worse, but I think that will not happen because that post is already in the hands of the pro-troll, and this means that things will be very difficult to control. Yet today this is already true since today, things spread very fast and trolls exploded like crazy.

Convert video into music file with good sound quality!

Hi guys!
I’ve just found a way to convert video file from something like .mp4 file into .mp3 file with good sound!
Most of you may have heard of Freemake Video converter, but from my tests the sound quality is not so good.
So, I’ve found another tool, Switch by NCH Software. There’s a fre and a paid version.
First, download and install Switch from NCH website. If you go to there vi Google, you can get a free version. Install the software.
Next, find an .mp4 file that you want to convert to a music file, like a sound tract video. Open Switch and add the file, then click convert, and there you go!
Note tested with .mp4 and .wmv files only!

Viewing weather for more than 1 or 2 cities in iOS

The screenshot above shows that I have added a number of cities from around the world, including few provinces from Thailand.
If you want to know how to do this, fist open the Weather app on your iOS device, then tab ‘Edit cities’ button, and then tab ‘Add’ button, then tpe a city name, for example Lusaka. You dont need to type the country, the app automatically looks up the city.
That’s a pretty cool feature in iOS, I must say.

Some updates

Hi everybody,
So, today is the start of the third multi-day event other than residential trip.
Today I will be going out with my ASDAN class to play bowling as part of one of the challenge in module 10. Then, on Thursday the 17th of May the whole of year 10 IGCSE Thai students including me will be going out to Siam Museum, which is quite exciting!
Although May seems to be full of exciting events, but I can’t move this event up mainly due to the huge number of exams taking place. At the maximum, this event can go up to be the fourth best of 2012.