Trolls intensified, trolls war set for Friday

Hello again,
So, things had now heated to near its maximum. Recently trolls had successfully fooled me to annoy the trolls so that they can annoy me even more! That’s extremely bad!
The best time for the war to start is during my English lesson on Friday, since the troll master who announced the war is in my class; that means that the troll master can exploit a chance when the English teacher is out of the room to annoy me to the maximum!
Now, I think I may have to declare ‘Emergency’, and announce the formation of the OAT (organization against trolls), due to the current situation. If I am lucky, I may be able to get some members by tomorrow, but I think that may not be enough to fight off the trolls. But the trolls are also likely to launch the war tomorrow!
Now, things are desperate. I don’t really know what will happen next.

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