2012 half-year summary

Hello guys,
So, we are now half-way through 2012. During this half, there are many events taking place around the world, all which affects people in a different way.
In the world of technology, there’s many new things going on around, but mostly new operating systems from Microsoft and Apple were just in an early stage of development, although Apple’s OSX Mountain Lion is due out soon, while Microsoft’s Windows 8 is due for October release.
In terms of my life, there are plentiful number of events, all of them are so epic that they had a strong impact on me as a whole.
The event in my life that dominates this half of the year is the annoyances at school. Like previous year, it has been going on non-stop. With this year comes a change. So far this year a new form of annoyances/troll emerged, the Facebook trolls. This is the latest addition, expanding on the already existing school trolls.
The most fun, exciting and memorable event so far would be of course the year 10 residential trip to Rayong. It’s the best residential trip yet in high school, and I have a lot of fun.
Probably the most dreadful event is April 5th. That date marks the end of the long second trolls era, and it did not end in a good way at all.
The most annoying day of all so far would be May 23rd. This date marks the start of the third trolls era, and it started off very intense. New wave of trolls spread very fast, like a wildefire, and within 2 days things started to go downhill. Fortunately the exams has helped keeping things from going further downhill, but when the exams are over, the power of trolls are back in full, and things started to get very bad.
That’s it for now…

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