Brief summary of 2012 so far

Hey everyone,
Alright, 2012 is ending within 3 months. So far the world has gone through many events, from fun events like the Olympics and the Euro Cup to sad events like the death of important or famous individuals, however there’s still 3 more months that the world has to go through.
For me personally, so far in 2012 I had gone through many events, all of which cause changes in my emotion and make 2012 not too boring, from fun events like the year 10 residential trip in January and the Sports Day in February, to difficult times like the exam season in May, to sad and annoying moments caused by no one else but groups of my friends called ‘Trolls’. There’s still 3 more months, and more things are expected. By the end of the year, I would have gone through even more events.
So, here is a rough summary of the events. Currently I would only list the 3 confirmed best events, and 1 confirmed worst event of the year. By December, when I write the full wrap-up summary, the 5 best and worst events will be listed, as per previous years.
Best event: Year 10 residential trip to Rayong
This is certainly the best event of any kind, and is also the best residential trip I have yet in high school. The activities were very fun and exciting, like walking through the mangrove swamp and the party on the 4th day of the trip. It was a very good time, and I really like it.
Second best event: Sports Day 2012
This event was also very good, if not better. The activity was good, and I still enjoy it. Sadly I missed a chance to grab my last medal for high school.
Third best event: Songkran 2012
This event is special. Previously I only write about the celebration at school, but this year the trip to Pran Buri was too fun to not write about, so I decided to wrap them up into 1 event. The celebration at school was very fun, particularly at the end of the day where everyone splashed water at each other. The Pran Buri trip was good, and I like it.
Now on to the worst event section…
Worst event of the year at the moment: Annoyances caused by the trolls
Yeah, let’s face it. The trolls are very annoying so far throughout the year, especially with the introduction of Facebook trolls early in the year. So far the trolls had managed to attack me with at least 4 trolls campaigns, starting from the second trolls campaign to the current fifth trolls campaign. Just yesterday, they had even attempted to start the sixth trolls campaign! But luckily I was able to stop it, but I don’t know what will happen on the upcoming Monday. Early in the year, the trolls had even went as far as to force me into temporary depression mode by ending the second trolls campaign in what I called a dreadful way, which created a gap period of up to 4 weeks! And after that they had successfully started at least 3 more trolls campaigns starting from May 23rd with the introduction of the third trolls campaign to September 11th with the introduction of the fifth trolls campaign.
Since there’s still 3 more months, these positions will change. The fourth and the fifth best events, and the rest of the worst events are still in consideration, and by the end of the year I will have them ready.
That’s it for now guys…

Situation began to turn around; things quite bad

Hey…what’s up?
So, yesterday was all right calm and good, today is…like the situation has flipped completely to the opposite side. The trolls did managed to kick off some attacks that make me mad. The most obvious one is the failed attempt to start the sixth trolls campaign, which I can say that…I’m glad that I was able to suppress the attempt before it breaks out. But the attack occurred during lunch time, and so it could be too fast to conclude that the attempt to start the sixth trolls campaign has failed.
Also, they seems to be attacking me on the subject something along the line that the girl that the trolls are currently using had a boyfriend already…to be honest I don’t really believe them, as they’re mostly unreliable statements that were designed to make me depress throughout my life at STA, and I knew it well that these kinds of attempts are underway, and it did at last. But there’s some small chance that what the trolls had said is true, and that’s what I’m really scared of, because this may be the forewarning/foreshadow that events similar to the one on April 5th could occur again in the near future.
Now, if this is relating to relationships then I think I need to seriously accelerate my progress with the first option described in my earlier posts, and change my relationship status on Facebook. This method will ensure that the trolls cannot start the new trolls campaign, and will secure my chance of forming a good OAT team.
However, I think, if worst comes to worst, I may have to use force as a method to form an OAT, or do what ever I can to forcefully suppress the trolls, probably by going into super extreme rage mode. If I do this, then teachers will eventually have to interfere and forcefully suppress the trolls.
So, overall the situation is turning against me. It was very sudden, as yesterday I thought the situation is going very well. Today clearly shows that it is not and my prediction that the trolls might annoy me when I’m not expecting is correct! Luckily that this takes place on a Friday, that means that I don’t have to worry about the next day. But Monday is what worries me. Although it seems that the attempt to start the sixth trolls campaign has failed, there is a chance that the trolls might try again once more and they might succeed, worsening the situation.
All I can do now is hope for the best, and take action when worst comes to worst.

Update on the current trolls situation

Hello guys,
So, from watching the trolls I can say that the situation at the moment is very calm. The trolls didn’t annoy me that much. Although they did annoy me, but not at a level like before. Before, I have to always be aware of vulnerable subjects, but now I can put down my guard. I can almost say that the fifth trolls campaign has pretty much folded, but still some people sill annoy me with that, so the fifth trolls campaign is not absolutely dead.
I guess the main reason for why the trolls stopped annoying me is that they may lack motivation to do so, which is very good, or maybe my rage over the lst few weeks may have stopped them. If that is true, then…I would say…wow. That will just shows that my extreme rage was able to stop the trolls.
Now, the only way to check that the trolls are really dead, is to test them. There are several methods. The first method is to encourage them to start trolling me again by telling them right face-to-face, the second method is to post on Facebook, tag them, and announce that I am ready to be trolled, or…proceed with my first option describe in my earlier post and change my relationship status on Facebook. Either one of these should be enough to motivate them.
However, the big drawback is, once the trolls get motivated, this time they may not stop, even if I go into another extreme rage mode. That can be very bad, and will turn around the situation immediately. If this was allowed to continue uninterrupted, the result is a huge trolls war, and I could end up losing again.
Or, what I could really do is to proceed with my first option straight away and form an OAT. If the OAT is in operation, then I could try to spark the trolls. This is like luring them to attack me and then I could counter-troll them back and cause internal conflicts between the trolls, which will eventually lead to the collapse of the trolls and I will be the winner.
So, once again, I had reached the point that I am faced with 2 choices, in which both will shape the situation. I don’t really know which choice to make, although the choice of proceeding with the formation of the OAT may seems safest, but the process can be time-consuming. Actually I could try to motivate those that are not too active in the trolls army, but if I do so those people may tell the main trolls army to start trolling me excessively, turning around the situation. I still have to decide which path to take, so this decision is not final yet.
So far, the situation is pretty good, and things seem to be going on my side.

Some thoughts on the troll campaigns

Hey guys,
So, after looking back at my conversation history that had been recorded throughout much of 2012 and some from 2011, something had just come up into my head. Although they include conversations from the date where the second trolls campaign ends, I don’t want to read them through mainly because some of the logs are very long and the conversations surrounding April 5th will just make me feel bad about my defeat.
So, I had come up with something in my head. The thing is, so far out of the 5 troll campaigns only the second trolls campaign had a real reason for its end, while the first, the third, and the fourth had no real reason for it to end. The third and the fourth trolls campaign is what I want to mention the most.
The reason for the second trolls campaign to end is the girl that the trolls were using back then left STA. After that there were 4 weeks gap before the third trolls campaign started.
But, here is the main point. The third trolls campaign suddenly ended on August 30th, 2012 where it was immediately replaced by the fourth one. The strange thing is, nothing happened to the girl the trolls were using for the third trolls campaign. She didn’t leave or anything, the third trolls campaign just ended in a way that I would say from an influence of a fake rumor that evolved into the fourth trolls campaign.
So, the fourth trolls campaign has started, but within less than 2 weeks it suddenly ended, being replaced immediately by the fifth one; the current trolls campaign. Once again, the strange thing is that nothing has happened to the girl that the trolls used. It’s just ended without real reason, although the truth is that I want it to end anyway because the girl the trolls used was someone I don’t even know or talk to.
So now the fifth trolls campaign has survived for roughly 2 weeks. If it was to end in the future, I want a real reason for its end. But actually, if I can lengthen the life of this trolls campaign it would be better, and that’s what I am going to do. Like what I’ve posted earlier, I am going to execute my first option to form an OAT and defeat the trolls. Of course, I will use the so called ‘Power of relationships’ as a tool to form an OAT. You can read more about my first option in my earlier posts, just scroll down to find it.
If I was successful, then that will bring a good end to the fifth trolls campaign, because by then I would be happy with the outcome. But year 11 is short, so I need to make sure that the trolls are defeated before the end of term 2. Although the battle can continue into year 12, I’m not sure if I and the girl that the trolls are using are staying. So to make sure that I will be happy I want to finish the trolls fast, right before the end of term 2. That means that I need to have a working OAT by the end of term 1, so I can spend term 2 battling the trolls.
That’s it for now…

Some analysis of the current situation and some other updates

Hello guys,
So, recently the trolls are still laying out the new fifth trolls campaign, which started last Tuesday. So far I can say the pattern of annoyances are difficult to detect, as some days are very annoying while some days they did not annoy me at all, or annoy me very little. I guest they either become bored or lack motivation to do so, since not many people had known about it yet.
But, over the past few days there seems to be a change. Those trolls that lacked motivation to take the fifth trolls campaign seems to resort to the older third and fourth trolls campaign to annoy me, which had never happened before. Previously, these trolls would take into effect the new trolls campaign immediately, but it seems that the fifth trolls campaign did not motivate them enough.
Now, I can say that can be either good or bad. The good thing is that less people will talk about me liking a new girl who is in my tutor group and Chemistry class, but the bad thing is that I now have to deal with 2 or more troll campaigns. That can be very bad.
Now, what I can do is try to force the remaining trolls to use the fifth trolls campaign and abandon the older one. This can be done by simply accepting the rumor that I like the new girl. If I just accept this rumor, then I think that would be enough to motivate the remaining trolls to start using this new trolls campaign.
If that is successful, then what I planned to do next is to proceed with my first option described earlier, which is to form relationships with the new girl and some more people to form an OAT. With this method, I can increase my strength and then I will be able to demolish the trolls.
So, how would I demolish the trolls? Well I, along with the then united OAT will try to spark internal conflicts amongst the trolls. This would make them no longer reconcile and they will eventually collapse, bringing an end to the fifth trolls campaign.
But, there can be problems. The main problem is that this is assume that things will go smoothly as I expected. However things don’t usually go as smooth, and if situation suddenly change, that may mean that I have to modify my plans. Also, the girl that the troll had used during the second trolls campaign may come back to visit STA. If this was to happen, then that would be enough to spark the remaining hardcore members of the now dead second trolls campaign to wake up and try to attack me with that. That can be very bad, as that will be very unexpected and if these people have enough power, they may forcefully end the fifth trolls campaign and install the second one instead, and that is not something that I want to see happening, because it reminds me of the terrible day where this trolls campaign ends and that just makes me feel bad that I lose badly to the second trolls campaign.
But, I think the problem of a possible comeback of the second trolls campaign can be resolved by me forming good relationship with the new girl that the trolls are currently using right now to the point that relationship status on Facebook could be changed. Once that happens and if it happens when the old second trolls campaign is out, that would create a battle between these 2 troll campaigns, and 1 of them have to lose out, which will be the second trolls campaign, since the remaining hardcore members got no defense, whereas the fifth trolls campaign then will have my Facebook relationship status as a defense.
So, I think I will just do according to this plan, since it’s the best way to demolish the trolls. I only need to hope that the trolls did not try to dig up old, dead troll campaigns, especially the second one, but like what I said above things can change. The girl that the trolls once used could come back to visit and that will awake the remaining hardcore members. Or, if I’m lucky, those people may have already forgotten about it, meaning that a visit from the girl that was once used to annoy me is meaningless.
Now, on to some other stuff. So, iOS 6 is finally out, and I’ve just updated today. Although it was out yesterday, due to the differences in time I need to wait until today afternoon (Thailand time) to update my iPod Touch.
So, what’s new? Well Facebook intigration, which what I love, the ability to share photos to Facebook via Camera is also a cool feature, and Pass Book which is also nice. Also VoiceOver had improved, now the language changes automatically when text in different language is encountered. Also Apple had removed Youtube and replace the old Maps app with a new one, which is better and is compatible with VoiceOver as well.
So, if you haven’t done already, you can update your iOS device. Note you need at least an iPhone 3GS, an iPod Touch 4th generation, and an iPad 2. Also you should have iOS 5 installed already, which will make upgrading very easy; you don’t need to restore your device from a backup or go through long setup process.
That’s it for now…

Some updates

Hello guys;
So, the trolls did finally found out about my plans to demolish the trolls. Today when I woke up and look in my inbox, I was totally shocked. The unread message that I received is that one of the troll had tagged me in a Facebook status, and when I opened the status, I got even more terrified and mad. The trolls had done away by bragging about it, and one of them went as far as to tag the rest of the troll army. What a bad start for the day!
Now linking back to the options; I think I can safely discard the second option, as the current situation is too dangerous for me to let things run its course without interference. That basically leaves me with 2 options, the first and the third option, as described in my earlier post. If I proceed with the first option, what will happen is that trolls will become even more annoying, and then it will come to a time where they start annoy me during vulnerable times like Chemistry, PHSE or during morning and afternoon registration. However if I was able to get to the very top of the line, I may have increased my strength and finally be able to demolish the trolls using the power of relationships, which may then evolved into OAT (organization against trolls), and what happens after that is me having a good life.
However if I go with the third option, the first problem that I will encounter is that this option assumes that I already have a working OAT group, which is not happening yet. If I was to take this problem into consideration, then this option too can be discarded, because OAT cannot form without good relationships, unless if I am willing to take the risk and try to exploit the trolls’ weakness alone. So that means that I have no choice but to go ahead with the first option, unless if I was ready to take the risk of the third option without proper, united OAT group.
So, this post basically concludes my final decision. After some consideration, I will anounce that I will go with the first option described in my earlier post. The second option is too dangerous to take right now, and the third option cannot be done without good relationship and working OAT and it is too risky to do it alone.

Some analysis on the fifth trolls campaign

Hey guys,
So, it’s about 4 days into the fifth trolls campaign. So far it’s not so good, particularly Wednesday the 12th of September. That day the trolls annoyed me pretty much, and I can say it’s very annoying.
Now, I think there are various options available: To improve friendship with the girl the trolls was using as a subject to annoy me to the point that relationship status on Facebook could be changed, to do nothing and let things run its course, or to counter-troll the trolls by exploiting their weakness.
Improving friendship: This option may work, as I did talk to the girl the trolls was talking about for a while now, and I can say it’s very good. If I continue down this path, eventually I will come to a point that it is safe enough to change my relationship status on Facebook. If that was to happen, one advantage is that the new relationship status on my Facebook profile would stop the trolls from starting a new trolls campaign. This means that the lifetime of the fifth trolls campaign will be extended. However one major disadvantage is that the trolls will intensified; probably pass the 21st January 2011 and February/March 12th of this year level, and that would make things even more annoying.
Do nothing: This may seems a good idea. If I choose this option, the advantage is that I can avoid being trolled in excess. However one disadvantage is that the trolls can start new trolls campaign if they wish so, and it is almost impossible to predict which girl the trolls would pick.
Counter-troll the trolls: This may also seem workable, but finding the weakness is what makes it difficult. However if I can achieve this, the advantage is that once I had annoyed them enough, they would began to annoy each other, effectively destabilizing them, and will eventually result in the collapse of the trolls. However one big disadvantage is that if the trolls found out, they may start using desperate measures to attack me, worsening the situation.
So, there’s 3 options now that I have to choose. I’m not sure which one to pick, but probably I may go with the first option as it’s the safest and seems easiest to do. Also, if I go with the first option and I was able to defeat the trolls, the output after that can be particularly good on my side.
However this will all depend on the current situation, and whether I can handle the increase in the amount of trolls once I go far enough with the first option. I still have to consider these 3 options, but I think I may have to make my final decision fast.

A very bad day; the fifth trolls campaign spreads

Hey guys;
So, right after the fifth trolls campaign started yesterday, today it did spread, and it spreads very rapidly. Now it’s getting very annoying!
Now, I was pretty lucky today to have made it through Chemistry without being trolled. Although the seat that I’m sitting is a perfect spot for trolls to erupt since it’s close to the girl the trolls was talking about and some trolls, but no one had reminded them about this at all; otherwise things could have gone worse.
So far in 2012; I have been through at least 3 trolls campaigns; the second, third and the fourth; and now I’m battling the fifth one; and the fourth campaign of the year! Wow!
Now, things looked very bad. I don’t know what to do next.

A bad day; the start of the fifth trolls campaign

Hello guys,
So, as what I expected, the trolls did make it. They did finally started the fifth trolls campaign, but also marking the end of the fourth one. This means that the fourth trolls campaign had a very short life cycle, lasting from August 30th, 2012 to September 11th, 2012; which is today.
What I can say at the moment is that it’s not too annoying yet; since this is just the start. But fear not, this thing will soon spread very fast and things will be extremely difficult to control.
Now, a bit about this: I can say that this is similar to the fourth trolls campaign, starting from nothing in particular. But this time, the girl that the troll chose to use as a topic to annoy me is in my tutor group and my Chemistry class; and sadly enough she and some trolls are sitting close to me; which means that Chemistry will be a good chance for the trolls. Sadly enough, I have Chemistry tomorrow as well, so I don’t know what will happen. Unlike the fourth one, in which the trolls used 1 new girl that I didn’t even know, this time they used the girl that I had already talk to more than once. This means that it would be difficult for me to defend myself, and they could use that as an advantage to attack me to the maximum. Hopefuly the maximum mode trolling will not repeat, as that was extremely annoying.
So far, things are going in a bad way.

ASDAN movie trip today; wasn’t so bad

Hey guys!
So, I’m back from watching the movie with my ASDAN class. What I can say that it wasn’t too bad, but wasn’t so good either. It’s kind of neutral. But I can tell that it’s better than the one on 18 November 2010!
Although watching movies is quite boring, today the movie that my ASDAN class watched is ‘Bourne Legacy’. It’s not too bad. Oh the best part is at the end when a guy, not sure if he’s a bad or good guy, is kind of going crazy on his motorbike and he basically goes very fast and just crashes into things…that’s so funny! I even laugh when that happens! And what happens next is just 2 motorbikes chasing after each other, crashing into things like normal, probably one person is trying to chase a bad guy. Overall I can say this movie is quite good!
So, although the movie makes the event better, I still dislike watching movies. But the fun bit at the end of the movie keeps me from putting this as one of the worst events. Simply, it will not be listed at all, since it’s kind of in the middle.
That’s it for now…

Trolls update and some other stuff

Hey guys,
So, it’s now 2 weeks into year 11. So far the situation of the trolls aren’t so good.
On August 30th, which is the first Thursday of year 11, 1 person in year 11 had successfully created a rumor that had evolved into the fourth trolls campaign. From that point on, it’s very annoying. And today, amazingly, the trolls had went as far as to let the Chemistry teacher know about it and sadly enough the girl that the trolls use as a subject to attack me is in the Chemistry teacher’s tutor group. I have to consider myself as a bit lucky that nothing bad has happened during English today; but I don’t know what will happen on Monday.
And, today after I tell people about my personal target that I set during PHSE lesson, the trolls started attacking. Since I stated that my target is to meet and be friends with all new students in year 11(including girls), that means that there’s small chance that the fifth trolls campaign could erupt, and that will be very bad situation; especially if it was to happen within the next few weeks. Actually there’s even very small chance that the fifth trolls campaign could erupt right on the upcoming Monday!
Right, so what’s coming up. Well, on Sunday there’s another ASDAN movie trip, which I can say is fine. Hope it’s better than the one on 18 November 2010!
That’s it for now…

Another bad day; the fourth trolls campaign has gone wild

Hello guys;
So, today is quite bad. Today, the fourth trolls campaign has gone wild. This means that more trolls are knowing about the false rumor created on the 30th of August.
Basically if you don’t know what the rumor is…well the rumor has that I like a girl, which is…a new student in year 11. I can tell you, it’s not even true. I don’t even know her!
But, now I am faced with 2 choices: accept or reject. Either will determine the situation from now.
If I choose to accept the rumor, I may face less annoyances, but the problem is that I don’t know the new girl, but there’s a workaround, and there’s high chance that I will get tons of inquiries regarding this.
Whereas if I choose to reject the rumor anyway, I can avoid mass inquiries, but the big problem is that it would create a situation where 2 trolls campaign are running together and I will face huge wave of annoyances. But that will also mean that the trolls will be breaking up into 2 separate groups, rather than 1 unified group. The first is the one surrounding the old third trolls campaign, and the other surrounding the new fourth trolls campaign.
Now, it seems that no matter what I choose, there will be a bad output. So, I don’t really know what to do. I really don’t!
Update! Now the trolls are even more annoying since the main group had already found out about the fourth trolls campaign! That means that tomorrow will be a very bad day for sure since I got English, Maths and Business Studies and the trolls are in those 3 classes! Now I don’t really know what to do!