Loy Krathong this year; quite fun

So, Loy Krathong celebration at my school has finished. I can say this year was quite fun!
To start off, there is an assembly, that lasted for about a single period or two. Then during break there is a Loy Krathong dance, which I can say was amazing!
Then, lunch time came a house competition, I can’t remember exactly what it is, but it is like a water fight. After that, sadly enough, there’s nothing much interesting, apart from the Thai talent show, the making of the krathongs, the evening assembly and the floating of the krathongs to finish the day off. Sadly, the lessons continued as normal, and also there weren’t as many food as there was during the 2010 event.
Overall, I can say that this year’s celebration was quite fun, but it seems that it’s been downgraded a bit from the 2010 celebration. But the house competition during lunch time and the dance during break time is enough to turn the combined events through November so far into super November!
Oh…some other updates…
Update on the trolls: They are very quiet at the moment, and the overall situation is very calm. Things are going quite smoothly, with very little annoyances.
That’s all I got to say at the moment…

Rock climbing today; fun!

So, the rock climbing has finally taken place, and I can say it was quite fun, especially when I climbed up high and try to fall. The result is that the string that holds me magically suspended me in the air and sent me in a slow descend which is…so cool! Although if I could climb higher, the descend would be even cooler, but I was too tired to proceed. The climb took place at Racket Club, the same venue that my ASDAN class used for the tennis trip back in September 2011.
Overall, the activity was fun, and I quite liked it.
Also one last thing; some off-topic stuff…
So, update on the trolls: They are pretty quiet, with little to no annoyances. The fifth trolls campaign is still on, but it’s just…not that active like during its early days. But the situation can change abruptly, meaning that it flips completely to a different state within a very short period of time, as what had happened briefly last Wednesday. I’m still monitoring the situation, and more updates on this will be posted.
That’s all I got to say for today…

How to extract soundtracks from The Sims 2; any expansion pack as MP3 without installing the whole game! And some trolls updates

So, if you don’t know already, you can extract soundtracks from The Sims 2 game without installing it!
Basically the old method is that you copy the files from the installed directory of the game and rename those ‘build’, ‘buy, ‘cas’, and ‘neighborhood’.package files to .mp3 extension. Well that requires an installation of a program over a gigabyte in size, which is something that you don’t want to do, just to get an mp3 file worth a few megabytes.
Let me tell you again, you don’t need to install the whole game!
What you need is the complete installation package of The Sims 2; any expansion pack, but not stuff pack! Either downloaded via torrents or an old CD/DVD that you might have lying around.
No matter where you obtain the installation package, the method is the same. If what you have is a CD or DVD, insert it into the DVD drive of your computer. When an auto play window comes up, close it! Same goes for if you downloaded and mounted the iso file!.
If you got a compressed archive package, extract it to somewhere.
Once you are able to access the main installation folder of the game, find the file ‘Compressed.zip’. Extract that file to somewhere, and go into TSData\Res\Sound folder. There you will find a bunch of .package files. The ones that you want is the ones with the name ‘Build’, ‘Buy, ‘Cas’, and ‘Neighborhood’. These are the main soundtracks of the game! Simply rename them to .mp3 and voila! You’ve extracted soundtracks from The Sims 2 in its original quality! Now you can use it for anything E.G for your rington (requires further editing) or for one of the songs in your movie projects!
Although some of you may argue that you can download soundtrack video clips from Youtube, but these are often with a modified sound quality, and so is no longer original, in other words, those you get from Youtube may not have the same quality as the ones extracted directly from the game, since those that you extracted from the game will be exactly what you will hear while playing the game, although the drawback to this is that if you no longer have the installation media, you will have to download everything again, which can be a waste of space and time and if you have a low hard drive space, then you may have to rely on Youtube videos, which like I said may not have the same sound quality as the ones you extracted from the game.
Now, on to the trolls update
Well, today I can say that right away in the morning the situation suddenly turned around; the morning today was like the situation has flipped completely to a different state within a matter of a single day of me being absent!
Basically their attack scheme is pretty typical; they attacked my blog posts as usual, and I find it quite weird, but that really puts me on alert that spies are always reading my blog when I am not aware. In fact, there is likely chance that the trolls are discussing about this yesterday when I am absent! And this very same thing might happen again on Friday and next Tuesday! Although eventually the situation calmed down and by day end things were pretty much back to normal.
Actually, I really want to demolish those spies that constantly reads my blog posts and use them to attack me groundlessly, because they’re very annoying, but I don’t know how to just go about that.
That’s it for now…

Some exciting events are approaching and some trolls updates

So, it’s November, and there are some exciting things that will be taking place.
Most importantly, just today, my ASDAN class has planned another ASDAN trip, expected to take place on Thursday, November 15th. We planned to go to do the rock climbing as part of a challenge in module 3, which I can say…is quite exciting!
Next up, after that trip, comes Loy Krathong on Friday, November 23rd. Yes, it’s going to take place for sure, as there is no floods like last year.
Also, throughout next week at school there will be a ‘Rainbow Rock’ concert, in which bands will perform. I think it seems to act like a kind of a feeder event. In fact, the concert, the ASDAN trip, and the Loy Krathong are only about a week apart!
Together, the 2 main events and a feeder event next week would certainly make November of 2012 very fun and exciting, and together they could even compete with the October events and Sports Day! But if I combine these 3 events, that means that the slot for the fourth and fifth best event will remain empty, although this can be avoided by pushing Songkran downwards, thus reserving the slot for the third best event for the October events, and also the fourth slot for the 3 events of November. This would make the arrangement of the best events completed, leaving with only the 5 worst events to work with.
So, there’s some events already on the table, with the feeder event taking place right next week.
Now, on to the trolls updates. After that burst of several rumors relating to the trolls a few days back, it had gone quiet as I suspect, and it seems that the situation is returning to the state it was in right before half term holiday. Now, the trolls might heat up again, but it seems that the situation is pretty calm, unless that rumor pops up and strengthen again. Although that would benefit me, but if the trolls are mad they could use desperate measures to attack me.
That’s it for now…