Trolls spam campaign on is resuming

Hey guys,

So, after 2 days of inactivity, as of today, it seems that the spamming campaign on my account is resuming, according to the latest batch of questions that I received on

Actually, it could have begun since yesterday, since yesterday I received 1 question that seems to be from the trolls.

But today the evidence is clear. The message from the trolls urging me to surrender is one clear example of a sign that this spamming campaign has resumed.

Until now, I still don’t know the exact person/group of people behind this, but I suspect that the trolls are involved, due to the style of language used for the questions. They’re too familiar!

Anyways, at least since there is no school until August 26th I don’t have to fear of any kind of mass attack at school. But what I’m fearing now is if the spamming campaign continues into the holiday, then the possibility of mass attack at school when the school opens again is a real possibility that cannot be ignored.

That’s it for now…


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