An interesting question found on my account; possibly a hint of a seventh trolls campaign.

Hey guys;

Just today, I found this some minutes ago, on my account.

Screenshot 2013-07-29 20.54.03

Noticed this question has been answered, as you can tell by the difference in font style of text shown in the red box. The bold one is the question, while the regular one is the answer that I put.

So, what does this mean?

Well, like previous questions, the identity of the asker cannot be identified, but if the asker was able to put in names of one of my friend, this means that the asker must be someone from my school (more specifically, from the same year group as me). This gives me the conclusion that this must be done by the trolls, since by reading the question carefully it’s similar to what the trolls usually ask, even though this kind of stuff is quite rare, but still…from my experience the trolls are the most likely group of people that are capable of posting these kinds of stuff.

From this, I can already tell that a seventh trolls campaign is unavoidable, and the girl that the trolls will be basing their fake love/like attack campaign is most likely to be one of my friend who interfered in the May/June crisis.

Now, for countermeasures? Well, I can’t think of any yet, and it’s not possible to carry out any right now. I’d prefer to wait until the school starts on August 26th, and see if the seventh trolls campaign will really make an appearance. I guess this is a bi-product of my attempt-curb of spammers back in June! ARRG! I SHOULDN’T HAVE DONE THAT IN THE FIRST PLACE!

Oh wait…one really good countermeasure against the seventh trolls campaign, is to keep denying the new rumors, since that worked for me during the days of the sixth trolls campaign; it should work for the seventh trolls campaign as well!

That’s it for now…

Some updates

Hey guys;

Well, this post will focus mainly on stuff…

So, recently the spam campaign seems to have partially resumed, but at a very small magnitude. Overall things aren’t like the days of late May/early June yet, which is totally perfect.

But what I want to focus most is, very recently, one student which is part of the trolls (no names here), decided to take a revenge on my June spam purge, by complaining about me sharing my answers from on Facebook, and even use harsh messages to try to bring me down, which is…I think is against the principals of freedom of expression. I still cannot come up with countermeasures yet, but if things become desperate again, I can turn to my other friends for help in curbing this threatening/provocative act. But in my theory, the only real way to suppress this is through pressurization, but…there might be other ways in curbing this move, but I don’t know any right now.

At least this has already beginning to spoil my summer holiday…what the hell.

Also…what’s going on around the world?

Well, since my last post, there isn’t much going on in the media, except for one, take a guess…

…Yep, it’s the arrival of a new royal baby in the UK, Price George of Cambridge.

That is certainly a very positive news, not for people in the UK, but also for people around the world. Also, according from what I’ve heard, Prince George will one day become king.

Oh wait…did I just said that there is only one major item in the media? Well…you know what, I’m wrong! There is another big item on the table! Take a guess…

…Yep, it’s the tragic train crash in Spain.

I must say, it’s a huge tragedy for everone, especially those who are victims, and especially to those who have lost their lives. From what I’ve heard, this is the worst train crash in Spain, probably the worst in many years.

That’s probably it for the big ones, but…oh no…there’s also another one that deserves some mentioning! Take a guess…

…It’s the election in Cambodia.

Heck, this isn’t worth mentioning much, but…it’s interesting to watch, especially the results…

I guess that’s it for now…

Summer holiday so far ; very boring


So, it’s about a month into the summer holiday now, and…overall I must say…it’s very boring. There was virtually nothing to do. The trolls are now very inactive, and the spam campaign has since stalled.

Although, those things do make me happy, because then I don’t have to deal with mass amount of unsensible questions on my account, and I don’t have to worry about the trolls attacking me on Facebook. I’d say they’re in a holiday mode, as should be expected during this time of the year.

However, a few days ago I did received some questions that seems a bit unsensible and possibly from the trolls, but they’re small in number and I can still handle them, so I will not consider those batch of questions a trolls’ attack plot.

Anyways, that’s it for now…