ESS trip is tomorrow

Hey guys;

So, it’s now Saturday, 28th September. That means that the ESS trip is…tomorrow! This, as I said already, will be the first residential trip of 2013! Very exciting, isn’t it? Yes it is, but there are also some field works to do as well, but I think it will be alright. At least it’s better than staying at school…

For this trip, my ESS class is going to Khao Yai, to do some studies about the environment and the ecosystem. I think it’s going to be exciting…and a bit fun as well, provided that the weather is friendly and that no one mess things up…

But…the most important part is, I will be away from the trolls for a few days. This means that I can virtually forget everything about them, for at least 3 days while I’m in Khao Yai. But the seventh trolls campaign…I will still count it as active though, as…still people even in my ESS class can still bring up the rumors; potentially spoiling my trip; but I’m sure that it won’t happen…

But, what I’m worried most is, the trolls could be planning something big and scary for the day when I return. Maybe the trolls would try to inject a false rumor in assumption that I’ve accepted their earlier rumors, and the new false rumor that they might inject would act as an agent that will bring down the seventh trolls campaign. Or, on the other hand, they might decide to launch massive annoyance scheme on me on the day I return. This time, they might try to force me into accepting the rumors, and I know…they had the power to do so. I’m scared of both of them, as those things can quickly turn the situation around. Yet, until now, if the rumor for this seventh trolls campaign is based on activity observation, I still cannot find the real spies who had been watching me for the past weeks. But I’m sure, the spies are not in my ESS class, so does the main members of the trolls, which means that I’m pretty much safe during this trip.

That’s it for now…

ESS trip is just 4 days away, plus some other updates

Hey guys;

So, it’s now the 25th of September, which is just 4 days away from the awaited ESS residential trip to Khao Yai; the first residential trip of 2013! That is excited indeed, since 2013 so far has been particularly boring; now the residential trip has finally arrived and that should hopefully make things a bit more and exciting.

Although this trip is full of works, but I will rate it as the best event of the year, because…this is like the best thing that had happened so far. Model United Nations (MUN) conference on October 12th is also another exciting event, which, if it occurs, it will be rated as the second best event of the year.

Now, let’s get on to some other updates.

Well, the only thing that I really want to talk about here is updates on the trolls…

As stated, things are pretty quiet, although this week I have witnessed a few instances where rumors that formed the bases of the seventh trolls campaign sprang up, but they were quickly subsided. But however, since those rumors are making a comeback, there is a possibility that the trolls are planning something big and scary, and it seems that they are getting closer to launching it, but once again it is still possible that things will remain quiet and calm. But…once again, things can change suddenly within a matter of nights.

That’s it for now…


Trolls timeline

Hey guys;

So, it’s probably ages since I last posted the timeline of each trolls campaigns, so here we go again…

Basically, all annoyances done by the trolls are groupped into campaigns, based on only one thing; the girl that the trolls chose to use as a base subject of their false rumors involving me and the chosen girl. A new trolls campaign starts when new false rumors has been created, and ends when another false rumor appears, the girl involved in the existing false rumors leave, or in a rare case…the current false rumors was forgotten and inactive for months.

Right, that’s enough of the explanation…let’s get on to the main timeline, shall we?

Early high school trolls: Late 2008 to mid 2009

These weren’t really trolls, but back then, they were rather bullies. In fact, bullies and trolls are somewhat similar; it’s just that I’d prefer the word trolls instead. What happened is quite different from the current situation. Back then, these trolls seems to relied more on physical-based annoyances rather than mentally. Also, back then, I started seeing the very basic form of a false rumor claiming that I like a particular girl. I can say, it’s not too bad though.

First trolls campaign: Late 2009 to mid 2010

This trolls campaign is the one that started adopting the current form of false rumors, where new students who are girls are targeted, and it is true in the context of this trolls campaign. Still, it’s not too bad though.

Second trolls campaign: Late 2010 to April 5th, 2012

This trolls campaign, I must say, is the longest and the worst of them all, and is also the first one where I was able to determine the exact end date. Once again, this trolls campaign uses the same template for creating false rumors as the first trolls campaign. From that point through 2011, it’s pretty much like the first trolls campaign, but starting 2012 things began to change, with the introduction of Facebook trolls, which peaked during Valentines Day of that year. The end of this trolls campaign is probably the only one that is not what a kind of ending that I really want to see.

Third trolls campaign: May 23rd, 2012 to August 30th, 2012

This trolls campaign is one of the shortest, and is the first one where the exact start date was able to be determined, and is also the first one where there is a gap between this one and the previous trolls campaign. Once again, the false rumors had been based on the same template as its predecessors. Facebook trolls continues, but with the addition of blog spies who read my blog posts and used them as an additional tool to annoy me. Overall, it’s not overly bad, except in early June where the trolls threatened with a trolls war, but it never really happens. Also one thing to note, the third and the second trolls campaigns were amongst the first to be started from a simple Facebook wall post.

Fourth trolls campaign: August 30th, 2012 to September 11th, 2012

This trolls campaign is probably the shortest in terms of diration, so not much happens during this period. This is probably the first where false rumors is based on the selection of random girls, and the final choice happens to be one of the new girl in year 11. Like I said, this one was very short, so not much to write here.

Fifth trolls campaign: September 11th, 2012 to February 18th, 2013

This trolls campaign, like the fourth trolls campaign, appears to be started from a false rumor that…once again had occurred from random selection of girls, which ended up on another new girl in year 11. At this point, Facebook trolls actually started to decline significantly, as most of my statuses during this period received little attention. It’s not too bad, but the amount of annoyances did increased, and peaked in December where the trolls had attempted to kill this trolls campaign through yet again some more false rumors, but they failed.

Sixth trolls campaign: February 18th, 2013 to May 26th, 2013

This trolls campaign is short like the third trolls campaign, and is probably the first one where it is created from a false rumor that exploited special events (in this case, Valentines Day), and is also the first where the girl involved is not a new student that came with the academic year of 2012-2013. I can say, it’s not too bad; better than the fifth trolls campaign, partly due to the fact that I kept denying these rumors. spam crisis: May 26th, 2013 to June 7th, 2013

This is not a trolls campaign, but a side event that I can’t keep from mentioning. This event occurred during the year 11 IGCSE exams season. Basically, I created an account because I saw some of my friends using it and I think it’s cool. Then, I began receiving questions that…although I can’t find the person who asks those questions, they appeared to be from someone in my year, due to the language used in the questions. This crisis peaked in early June, finally ended when one of my friend decided to intervene and the temporary disabling of my account.

Seventh trolls campaign: September 11th, 2013 to today

This trolls campaign is another one where there is a gap between this trolls campaign and the previous one, and probably has the longest gap, spanning the whole summer holiday. This trolls campaign is probably the first one where the false rumor was based on activity observation. Also another thing that is worth mentioning, at this point Facebook trolls seem to have disappeared, for most of the time. Since it’s still the early days of this trolls campaign, it’s not possible to assess the level of annoyances, but so far it’s not too bad at all. Also, in addition to the disappearance of Facebook trolls, it seems that this blog, too, was abandoned by the trolls. About, it seems that the mass spam campaign is over, and that I can relax.

At present, trolls seem to be pretty inactive, once they created the rumor leading to the seventh trolls campaign. But I mustn’t forget, they can decide to launch massive attacks anytime they desire, but…it’s likely that things will be stable for at least a little while. Activity observation is probably the biggest concern, since I will never know if I’m being watched or not.

That’s it for now…

Fourth week of school; still as good as ever

Hey guys;

Right, I think I really should stop posting about weekly school updates, but I’m bored, so here we go again…forth week of school.

So, this week of school is still as good as previous weeks. The trolls had decided not to annoy me, for some unknown reasons. That means that I can relieve more of my fears, since…it’s highly likely that they will not annoy me.

Because of this, I’m starting to question the existence of the seventh trolls campaign. Yes, the rumors had been created, but has not been active for a while, and might even have been forgotten. Because the rumors are actually created, I will still treat the seventh trolls campaign as alive, until I’m certain that these rumors will not spring into action, for…at least a month. If several months had passed and still no new activities, I will then declare that the seventh trolls campaign has failed, and therefore have ceased to exist. That means that a new gap will open up, waiting to be filled in with the eighth trolls campaign.

But, as always, things can change very suddenly, most cases within a matter of nights, or even faster than that, if the trolls happen to be reading this post, as well as my earlier posts right now.

So far, things looked very good.

That’s it for now…

Today; absolutely perfect!


So, today has passed, and I can say…it was perfect! My fear of a massive attack by the trolls did not come at all!

Now, since it seems that my fears were a bit over-exaggerated, I think I will tone it down. Virtually, it’s likely that tomorrow is going to be like today; little to no annoyances at all. It maybe even possible that this seventh trolls campaign, after all, didn’t really exist in real world, but it only existed on Facebook!

But, even so, my basic fears are still on. Still, the trolls can choose to attack me any time, if they so desire. I’ll still going to say that the seventh trolls campaign is still alive though, even though not much activity is going on about it.

So far, things still look good; better than once originally thought!

That’s it for now…

Tomorrow…not really looking forward to at all

Hey guys;

So, third post in a day. Yeah, this is probably the first time that I wrote 3 posts in a single day.

Well, tomorrow is slowly approaching. With the seventh trolls campaign slowly spreading beyond my control, I’m beginning to feel very nervous of what will happen tomorrow.

A while ago I saw a post on Facebook, in the STA Class of 2015 group, where I’m mentioned. Although the poster’s intention is to seek support for operations to vaporize spies who have tracked my behaviors over the past weeks, I felt that this could lead to some other fractions of the trolls questioning about spies, and what really worries me is that, those that actually know stuff inside-out, will tell the whole story, thus rendering the spy vaporization operations inoperable, and eventually…I will have to face a kind of undesirable choices, of whether to accept or to deny the rumors, or to do nothing. I hope I don’t have to get to that point!

So far, things has started to look extremely bad. The 3 good, calm weeks of the IB Diploma is over. I can tell now that tough time lies ahead, and things are going to get worse over the next few weeks.

That’s it for now…

Seventh trolls campaign spreads on Facebook, things look very bad

Hey guys;

So, it’s less than a day since my first post today, but…things suddenly turn downhill, as if things had flipped completely from one side to another; now things suddenly become very bad.

So, the seventh trolls campaign appears to have spread on Facebook. This can mean only one thing; it’s only a matter of time before it spreads out of my control; and I can tell that it’s going to happen, possibly even tomorrow!

Now, I really need to find a quick way to contain this trolls campaign, before it spreads out too far. The only hope is that eventually, the amount of IB work will grow so much that keeping up with this trolls campaign becomes unsustainable. Or, I could do a quicker way; by ignoring these rumors and hope that they subside, and eventually be forgotten, but that is hard since the trolls can try to pressure me into accepting the new rumors, by converting my ‘no’ answers into ‘yes’ answers. By doing so, it would look like that I’ve accepted the rumors, but in reality it’s not.

So far, things are becoming very bad. I don’t really know what to do next.

Something bad is around the corner

Hey guys;

So, very recently, I received 2 new questions on At first I didn’t really care much, as nowadays I rarely get any new questions, apart from daily questions generated by the system.

But when I have a look at the questions, I was terrified. The question sounds very familiar, and the name of one of the new student was even mentioned, with correct spelling and the capitalization of the first letter of the student’s name; going along the line of “do you like …”. That question confirmed that the seventh trolls campaign did indeed exist, and the second question that follows confirmed my fear that I’ve been spied over the recent weeks. This is not good at all, and it is a sign that things are starting to get out of my control.

Since the most likely person who asked the 2 questions are someone from year 12, there can only be one explanation. The trolls are planning something big and scary for the upcoming weeks, and it is clear that they had set up a network of spies in my tutor group, and in every subjects that I took, to hopefully monitor my activities, and reprort them back to the leaders of the trolls. The 2 questions also suggests that the seventh trolls campaign was formed from activity observations on me.

Now, the only thing that I can do is cross my fingers and hope that nothing too bad happens tomorrow.

So far, things had started to go downhill. I don’t really know what to do.

That’s it for now…

Today…went without any annoyances!

Hey guys;

So, today Friday the 13th had finally passed, and…things went like perfect! No annoyances by the trolls! I think they will only annoy me if I provoke them to, so this means that I must keep quiet about the new trolls campaign, unless…they decided to use activity observation to find out and to annoy me, in which things will suddenly become bad without any warning. I hope this doesn’t happen, as I don’t really know what do once this spreads further.

Overall, I can say that this new trolls campaign are still within the limit of my control, but I think sooner or later it will become uncontrollable like the previous ones, which will trigger the same event chain that has taken place before, in which I didn’t want to see at all.

So far, things are going very well; the third week of school was still as good as the previous ones.

That’s it for now…

Tomorrow is…Friday the 13th

Hey guys;

So, tomorrow is…Friday the 13th. Since 13 is considered an unlucky number, combined with the fact that it’s on a school day, that means that anything bad can happen, and the only one bad thing that I imagine would happen is…massive annoyances by the trolls, based on the newly established seventh trolls campaign. Although today was relatively calm with no annoyances specific to this trolls campaign, but…like always things can change suddenly within a matter of nights.

Now, the most likely time for such annoyances is during PHSE, Business and my free period, since there’s always some members of the trolls that were around during those times.

Really, the only thing that I can do, is to cross my fingers and hope that things go well tomorrow.

That’s it for now…

A bad day; the start of the seventh trolls campaign, and…

Hey guys;

Well, the title has the word ‘and…’. This means that something else will be discussed here as well, but…let’s get to the main topic first.

So, it finally happened. The seventh trolls campaign is here! Today, one of my friend who created a fake rumor yesterday, decided to leak it, thus mark the beginning of the seventh trolls campaign, although it seems very limited, and not widespread yet, which is very good.

Now, this is interesting as today is exactly 1 year after the launch of the fifth trolls campaign. But…anyways, let’s get back to this seventh trolls campaign thing.

Well, I haven’t figure out what’s the motive for creating this new trolls campaign yet, but I doubt it’s another trolls campaign where it appeared without real reasons, or influence of an event or activity observance at school.

Now, since prevention no longer works, the only thing I can do now is to contain this trolls campaign before it spreads further, which can be difficult, especially if the trolls are reading this blog right now. One strategy that I could use is to deny the rumor, like what I did during the sixth trolls campaign, which appears to be successful, and might even be the best option at the moment.

So far, things are starting to look bad. I don’t really know what to do next.

Wait…I stated that I have something else to discuss as well, so here it is.

So, the long-awaited iPhone 5S and 5C has finally been launched, and…it’s very exciting. iPhone 5S and 5C only differs in price, camera, hardware features and processor power. iPhone 5C retains the hardware and camera of iPhone 5, while I think iPhone 5S takes it to a whole new level. But on the iOS software, I don’t think there’s much difference. And yes, the price of iPhone 5C appears to be cheaper, around $199 or around 6000 baht for the 32GB model. I think I will most likely be getting this, as this is very cheap and I think has features equivalent to iPhone 5, although I’m not too sure as the features page appears to be unclear.

That’s it for now…

Third week of school so far; very good, but…

Hey guys;

So, third week of year 12 has begun, and…so far things are still going pretty well. However, the ‘but…’ in the title means that…yes, something that I do not appreciate has occurred as well.

Since there’s nothing worth writing, let’s get into the reasoning behind the word ‘but…’ in the title!

Well, today went just perfectly, but…after school, one of my friend has decided to create a new rumor (you know what it is based on, if you’ve been reading my blog in the past). Now, what worries me is that, this very thing will certainly evolve into the seventh trolls campaign, and that can be very bad. Luckily, the core members of the trolls didn’t know about this yet, but I doubt they will very soon, especially if they’re reading this blog right now!

At least, the good news is, it’s not a sudden change, as I think this can take some time to develop, but I bet the trolls will do whatever they can to make it develop faster, and soon the whole chain of events that occurred in the past would come back to haunt me yet again.

I could, in fact, mark today as the starting point of the seventh trolls campaign, but since the rumor only surfaced at the end of the day, this doesn’t count.

So far, things are starting to go a bit downhill.

First 2 weeks of school; very good

Hey guys;

So, 2 weeks of school had passed, and…everything was going very well, with almost no annoyances at all, and the amount of work was still manageable.

Now, the fact that things are going so well is a good thing, although I’m not sure whether it will last long or not, since I believe the trolls now have the link to this blog, and they can decide to launch the new trolls campaign anytime.

As I said, at the moment there isn’t much work yet, so that’s why I can still update this blog. In fact, I will try my best to keep this blog updated on life events, whilst at the same time making sure that I completed all work for school on time.

Now, what I’m looking forward to the most is the year 12 ESS residential trip to Khao Yai, which is very exciting.

Tomorrow is the start of the third week, and I shall see if anything bad will happen.

That’s it for now…

Second week of school so far; still quite good

Hey guys;

So, it’s around half way through the second week of year 12, and I can say…things are still going very well (no trolls, nothing). Work is not too much yet either.

Like what I said in earlier posts that year 12 this year saw up to 9 new students…I didn’t get to know all of them yet, but eventually I will get to know all of them, and that could be my new personal target, which is to get to know all 9 new students.

Now, speaking of trolls, they’re still inactive, but…like in the past things can change suddenly within a matter of a single night, and turns the whole situation from good to very bad, an event that I don’t want to see happening.

Now, I bet the most likely time that the trolls will try to launch the new trolls campaign is during Business, although I had made it through a couple of lessons without being trolled, but as always things can go against me at any moment.

Although preventing a new trolls campaign is the best thing to do, I’ll also have to think what if I was unable to stop it from happening. Right now I don’t have any good countermeasures yet, but I can always appeal to some of my good friends for help, if I really need to.

So far, things are gong very good…