Some thoughts on the seventh trolls campaign, and the future from the remaining days of 2013 and beyond

Hey guys;

Well, for the first bit I just want to talk briefly about the seventh trolls campain, mainly what’s been going on lately.

Well, since I last posted last Thursday, nothing new has popped up that concerns me. But…these rumors that make up the seventh trolls campaign can still erupt anytime. In fact, after the Ekamai MUN conference, I’ve noticed that these rumors are unusually active, for some weird reasons.

Now, I want to talk about the future, specifically from the remaining days of 2013 and beyond…

Well, in the past, in fighting against trolls campaign, it appears to me that, although I do have friends, but my feeling is that the friendship bond is…still not strong enough to enable the proper formation of the organization against trolls (OAT). OAT is the key to eliminating the trolls campaigns, specifically the most current one, which is the seventh trolls campaign. If high relationship status is really the key to form an OAT and to eliminate the trolls, then that could mean only one thing; the move that I will codename “Operation Super Friendship”, which aims to build up relationship status with some of my friends to the highest possible level, which should be enough to form an OAT and to finally defeat the trolls.

But, however, there are problems with this move. Since the trolls have spies that reads this blog on a regular bases, so when they stumble across this post, they will then think that I have accepted their rumors, and then they will notify others, and…what will happen next is a new wave of attacks, followed by some inquiries in which I don’t really want to answer. Also, this means that the trolls would have known my secret ambitions, and…they will then plan something to make sure that these ambitions never succeed (Operation Relationship Intercept), which would make the whole thing repeats the previous catastrophes where my ultimate ambitions would fail due to interventions by the trolls. But if this goes well, the chance that I can defeat the trolls is high.

For other options…well, I can’t really think of any. Ignoring these rumors will work only to some extent, but will not work if the trolls actually have evidences to support their rumors, in which I doubt they did, in some forms.

So, for which course of action I will take, between Operation Super Friendship and ignoring the trolls (Operation Silent Response), I can’t really decide. The first move, although will give the most value if successful, the risk of failing is quite high, comparing to the second move, which carries a much lower risk of failing.

That’s it for now…

Fun Run today; wasn’t too bad, and…updates since last post

Hey guys;

So, it’s about a week since I last osted, and…there were many things that had taken place, both good and bad.

Let’s start with…Loy Krathong, as that’s the first major event that happened right after my last post.

So, Loy Krathong this year, I must say, is quite disappointing. There were no Loy Krathong dance during break time like during previous years, and there were no activities after school like previous years. The only thing that has been kept is the Loy Krathong assembly, and, for something new, I got to help the early years in making their krathongs. It was quite hard, since I didn’t have much experience in making krathongs. After that, it’s like normal lesson. Oh…there’s a house competition during break, but that’s not even worth mentioning at all.

Overall, I must admit, this will be the first time that I have to give a negative rating on this year’s Loy Krathong celebration at school. All of the activities that symbolizes the Loy Krathong celebration at school was missing, and so makes it that the Loy Krathong celebration at school, to me, has lost its symbol and also its significance as a major event. In addition, I’ve noticed, since the 2011 floods, Loy Krathong celebration at school has been getting progressively worse, compared to before the floods. Last year, there were rarely any food available after school, and the high school, specifically year 11, didn’t get a chance to make our own krathongs. During the 2010 celebration, these 2 events were there.

Now, on to the Fun Run today…

So, today is the Fun Run. For those that ran, this would be considered as the worst event, and I can still remember how tiring it was, to run 5km nonstop. I remember giving it the rating of the worst event from 2010 to 2011. But, this year will be the first that I can give a positive rating, mainly due to the fact that I no longer have to run. Instead, I was assigned a cheerleader, which is quite fun, cheering people to keep running.

My cheerleader group comprises between 10-12 people, and everyone splitted up and went to different areas. I did received one cheering tool, which is a clapping hand, in addition to the bean-filled bottle that I brought from home.

Due to the negative rating given to the Loy Krathong celebration, I will have to remove it as a significant event for November. The Fun Run today wasn’t that bad at all. I might still consider merging the Halloween Carnival, the Ekamai MUN conference and the Fun Run into the single event, the great November, since they’re still a bit close to each other.

Also…one more update for this post…

Next, let’s move on to the seventh trolls campaign, as there were some stuff that has taken place that I think I want to talk about…

So, since my last post, there hasn’t been much going on for the seventh trolls campaign, apart from the fact that the rumors that formed the bases for the seventh trolls campaign are still popping up. This sort of marks a turning point, where…the rumors are now permanently awake, and now that they will play more roles in annoying me in class.

Also, during this week or some times last week, I’ve discovered that someone in year 12, probably a member of the trolls, is planning to launch another rumor that will lead to the creation of the eighth trolls campaign. I haven’t heard much about this thing either, so…I’m still relatively safe. But…this hint also gives me a hint that if the trolls did not succeed in forcing me into accepting their current rumors, they will create a nother one, in case I change my mine. The new rumor would eventually become the eighth trolls campaign. That can be annoying, and…as always, this could happen as early as tomorrow!

That’s it for now…

Update on the seventh trolls campaign

Hey guys;

So, I guess it’s a while since I last posted updates regarding the ongoing seventh trolls campaign, so…I think it’s about time that I make another update regarding this.

So, as I thought, the seventh trolls campaign did not die down totally. Traces of it still exists, which is essential if it were to be revived up fully again.

Today, I witnessed yet another incident where the rumor of the seventh trolls campaign sprung into existence, but it’s basically the very same rumor that was created on September 11th; nothing new really.

But, what’s most important is, I’ve discovered that the trolls had given hints that an intervening agent is waiting down the line, if I choose to accept the initial rumor that I like a new girl. This justifies my reason for continually rejecting this rumor, as…as predicted, the trolls would know that by accepting the rumor I would have set myself a target to achieve high relationship status with the new girl, and so, they planned an intervening agent that will ensure that my target will never succeed. Due to this, I don’t think it’s worth-it accepting the rumor, as…the intervening agent will kick in, and my feelings will be badly affected later on, when it became clear that my ambitious target has failed, thus repeating all those catastrophes that I faced during previous trolls campaigns.

Once again, the doubt that the main driving force for this seventh trolls campaign is successful spy attempts still remains, as…from what I can remember nothing specially happens during the time when this trolls campaign was created.

For measures aim at curbing this seventh trolls campaign, I can’t think of any yet, but…one strategy that I could take is, as always, try to build a functioning organization against trolls (OAT), and launch counterattacks against the trolls. Or, another path that I could take, although it’s quite extreme, is to accept the rumor, go ahead with my relationship target (if I would even set that target at all), and when the intervening agent kicks in and my target is failing, I could go on all out and denounce the trolls as trying to alter my relationship, in hoping of gaining popular support, which would eventually lead to the total vaporization of the trolls and their intervening agent. But…for now I would probably choose the first strategy, as that seems more likely to be successful.

That’s it for now…

Ekamai MUNconference today; great!

Hey guys;

So, the Ekamai MUN conference has finally ended. Overall, I can say that it’s a great conference; better than the ISB one last month!

The conference starts at around 09:00, with the opening ceremony starting earlier at 08:30. After the opening ceremony, all delegates went to their committee room (I was in the General Assembly 1 committee, representing the delegate of Libya). We began by reading out the position papers. Mine wasn’t that short, and since Libya has 2 delegates (me and the other person from year 12), we shared work by me reading the first half (the issue of biological and chemical weapons), and my partner read the second half (the issue of the militarization of the Arctic). Oh…I forgot to mention, there was one delegate of Myanmar, who…acted quite funny, in the position paper. One quote from the paper that I can remember clearly in my head was “sexy chair”. Then, we began the process of drafting the resolution. In fact, everyone from STA were told to bring a copy of the resolution, but…mine ended up not being used; instead me and my Libyan delegate partner teamed up with a few other delegates, and drafted a resolution.

Then, at around 12:30, we have lunch. I must say, it’s not too bad at all, and…the canteen there even have an air conditioner!

After lunch, the debate process begins, with the total of 4 resolutions being debated. It was quite fun though, but also a bit boring, since…mainly some delegates (mainly delegate from France), didn’t stop asking/raising points of information. In total, out of the 4 resolutions being debated, only 1 passes. My group’s resolution was amongst the failed ones, with the vote of 13-20.

Right before the debate ends, there was this weird beat boxing/rap thing being performed by some delegates (mainly Iran, France and Myanmar), and…it was very funny!

The closing ceremony was alright, and…me and my Libyan delegate partner was chosen along with the delegate of France as the most enthusiastic delegate! That’s great!

Overall, this conference has been a great one, probably the best, mainly because, unlike the ISB one, I don’t have to work alone. Alone, this conference could easily earn the spot of the second best event of 2013! But…I’ll decide whether to combine it with the Halloween Carnival and any other future events, since…all future events for this half-term seems a bit of a distance away.

That’s it for now…

Halloween Carnival today; boring, but…fun at the end

Hey guys;

So, the Halloween Carnival has finally ended. Overall, I can say, it’s not too bad, but…for most parts it was very boring, since I have to guard my stall and advertise my activity, to push up the revenue. But…it all pays off in the end.

So, the carnival starts at 15:00, and runs all the way to 21:00, with the first set for key stage 2 students running from 15:00 to 17:00, and the rest for high school students. Me and my partner did the ball rolling game, where, for 1 token, the player has to roll the ball into the set of 3 circles. The yellow one in the center will reward the player with 3 candies, the red outer one with 2, and the outermost blue one with 1 candy. The game sound simple, and did not took too long to set up. At first I did not help with advertising, but…later during the high school period, I have to intervene and advertise due to lack of customers/clients. But, at the end of the day, we managed to raise some good amount, probably 600-7000 baht or token, I’m not exactly sure which ones are counted.

But, the fun part kicks in at around 20:00, where everyone was asked to join in the dance. This was the main highlight of the carnival! It was the best part ever, and…probably the best disco night that I have ever experienced so far!

Overall, the Halloween Carnival is a great event, although due to the intense heat during the late afternoon and the fact that I have to stay in place for 4-5 hours, I cannot give it a very good rating. But, in terms of whether this can be considered as one of the best event of the year, I’d say, as of today this would go into the second place, but only if it will be merged with the Ekamai MUN conference, Loy Krathong and the Christmas Fair into the great second half-term, which is probably not going to happen. But, in the end, if nothing else seems good enough to take this spot, the carnival will become the second best event of the year. Songkran earlier this year could also be considered, but…to make it good I’ll have to include the Singapore trip, which is outside the academic calendar, so…I’ll probably have to discard that event, although it would be briefly mentioned in the 2013 wrap-up summary.

That’s it for now…really looking forward to all those great events that are taking place throughout this second half-term of term 1.