Some updates

Hey guys;

So, it’s been a while since my last post, and…since then, a number of things had taken place.

First, my birthday has finally passed, and I received a number of good ‘happy birthday’ messages from my friends, both in school and on Facebook/Skype! I’m now 18, which is quite a major milestone as this means that I can vote in elections and…I think gain some civil rights as well.

Next up, is…of course the trolls. They remained relatively inactive, but this Monday I witnessed signs of a possible plot of a new trolls campaign.

Basically, what happened is that the trolls simply tries to provoke some sort of incidents, and then immediately uses the seat of which I’m sitting during tutor periods as a key component to annoy me, pointing to one possible hint that the next false rumor would involve someone that is not a new student. But…luckily, this only surface for a day, and then disappears, until now. This means that the incident is just a brief annoyance that doesn’t pose any significant threats, but…it is also possible that the trolls are secretly planning the said plot; they just need to find the right time to launch it.

Now, if this happens, this would be the first time that a new trolls campaign is created out of an incident. Previously, the trolls either make a random selection, or exploit special events, such as Valentines Day. Once again, the birth of a new trolls campaign, or shall I call it the eighth trolls campaign, will be scary indeed as the initial rumor can spread very easily and very quickly. And…worse, this might even happen tomorrow! Who knows what will happen next!

Lastly, is the MUN conference in Pattaya.

It’s now March 5th, which is very close to the Pattaya MUN conference. I’m very excited for this conference. The Geography+ESS trip is another 2 weeks away. I might eventually combine these 2 events into a single event, if I feel like doing so.

That’s it for now…

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