A trip with 2 contrasting phases

Hey guys;

The title says it all. The week-long Chiang Mai trip has finally ended, and I can say, that it’s not too bad at all, despite lots of internal assessment works during the second phase of the trip.

The trip kick off good, with a nice downtown hotel to stay in. It’s call The Small Hotel. In my opinion, it didn’t looked small at all, as the name suggests. The room was quite good, with TV and a built-in toilet. Everyone stayed on the 4th floor.

The Geography phase was quite relaxing, with good amount of free time. Most works were questionnaires and surveys around the streets close to the hotel, about tourism and globalization, and me and my group collected good amount of data for the Geography internal assessment (IA) write-up. Also during this time, I did have some nice food, for example at Coffee Club and Mcdonalds. Although…one thing, the food in town was quite expensive; most of my 2500 baht that I brought was spent on food during the Geography phase of the trip.

The ESS phase began on Wednesday March 26th, right after the Geography phase ended. This one was…a total contrast to the first phase. Instead of a nice comfortable hotel, the place that me and my ESS and Biology class stayed in was a small remote lodge in the mountains, called Pang Soong Lodge.

Right after arriving, my first impression is that it’s basic, very basic. There were no air conditioners and fans in the rooms, and most rooms don’t have a built-in toilet. I was lucky to be put in a room where the closest toilet and bathroom was just across the room. Since the area is so remote, there were no phone and 3G signals, and there were no shops and restaurants anywhere to be seen. Instead I was limited to basic food provided by the lodge, which isn’t too great either, but still alright I think.

Another big contrast is the amount of work. Geography phase was rather chilling, but the ESS/Biology phase was hard work, with lots of investigations during the day, and IA write-ups during the night. I was lucky enough to be put into a group full of nice people, that don’t give me any hard time at all, and often or not the task I was assigned to wasn’t too difficult to carry out.

Equally…all activities during this phase of the trip is worth mentioning, but…that will take too much time…one of these activity is the fresh water investigation that me and my group did today. It wasn’t too bad, and I did enjoy kicking water and debris into the net, hoping to find some species, which…appears to always be the case.

Now on to the travel…I get to Chiang Mai by plane, as well as going back to Bangkok. However one thing that I don’t like is how my seat was arranged. For the flight to Chiang Mai, I was lucky to sit with at least one other student from my Geography class, but on the way back today I was totally separated from everyone else, however one people from year 12 Biology did sit in a seat in front of me. I’m not sure why this happens though…

Also, another thing that almost affect the overall rating of the trip is an evil trolls plot, discovered on Monday. Actually it’s no longer a plot, since it’s have been done. Basically after returning to the hotel, or rather while I was having ice cream, I discovered that some rather stupid comments have been posted under the name of my Facebook account. I was shocked to find this, and quickly went into the mood of rage and anger. I’m not sure who did this, but…I doubt it must be someone that went on the Geography phase of the trip as well, as it’s impossible for other members of the trolls back at school to post under my account’s name without my account’s password. I’m really angry that someone managed to did this, as this damages my reputation. If I eventually found out, that person who did it will be denounced publically.

Anyways, in terms of the overall rating of this event, I think this whole trip deserves the rating as the second best event of 2014, as it’s not too bad, and is at least better than staying in school and doing class works.

That’s it for now…

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