Songkran holiday is drawing to a close

Hey guys;

So, after 2 weeks, the Songkran Holiday is drawing to a close. It’s been great, particularly with the Songkran water fights at Silom and Lumpini Park, but it’s also substantially boring since I didn’t go out much and there’s not much people to talk to; in addition the trolls had launched new waves of spam messages on my, which is very annoying.

What I want to focus most is the trolls’ activities, as…I thought they would remain completely quiet, but the spam messages proved that they’re not.

Over the past few days, I’ve witnessed a new wave of spam campaign on my; focusing on…nothing else but politics; mainly attacking my political opinions. I don’t know why they did this, but…probably they too had some hidden political agendas, or they try to use the current political conflicts as a way to start a new trolls campaign; I’m putting more weight on that theory…

This proved to me that spam campaign is indeed not over, but what the trolls did is scattered these messages over wide span of time, to make me think that the campaign is indeed over; I’m thinking to write a new trolls summary post, reflecting this very recent discovery.

Term 3…there’s some interesting events to look forward to; first up is the Spring Dance, which is about 2 weeks away, and then STA MUN conference, which is about 2 months away, and then finally the Habitat for Humanity trip towards the end of the term, which will be the last residential trip of year 12, and possibly the last for IB, sadly. Note there might be more MUN conferences throughout term 3, so I’m looking forward to those too…

But, as school starts, the activities of the trolls would also be resuming. The possibility of them launching a new trolls campaign is still true, particularly if they decided to build on their earlier plots that I’ve discovered last month. The birth of a new trolls campaign would be bad, since the new rumor can spread very quickly at first, which would make it difficult to control the situation. I really hope this doesn’t happen…

Anyways, that’s it for now…

Songkran holiday has began at last!

Hey guys;

So, after nearly 4 months, term 2 has finally came to a close. Overall, I must say, term 2 has been a great term, with many fun and exciting events, and…best of all, there were 2 residential trips!

Term 2 kicked off great, with the year 12 residential trip to Kanchanaburi, of which I rated it as the best event of 2014 because it is extremely fun and enjoyable. Then comes along Fun Day, which is not too bad either. About 2 weeks on, the MUN conference at Regents Pattaya, then followed by Rag Week from March 10th to March 14th, and then the STA Got Talent Show the following week, which is great, despite the fact that I missed the finals, and then another residential trip, this time for Geography and ESS/Biology students, which isn’t too bad at all, despite somewhat basic living conditions during the second phase of the trip and hard work, and term 2 ended, like last year, with the Songkran celebration at school. For this event, I’d say it’s great, particularly the water fight at the end of the day. I think this event deserves the status as the third best event of 2014.

Songkran celebration kicked off with the usual whole school assembly, and then food offerings to the monks. Then it’s normal lessons until afternoon, where the last period was spent with water fight. As stated it’s great, and I think I managed to splash at a lot of people, mainly because I chose the strategic location, at the water bucket, where people usually go to refill their cups. I virtually stayed there all the time, and so this enables me to splash a lot of people.

However, throughout this term, there are a number of negative events, mainly to do with the trolls. First off, the trolls have tried to intensify the existing seventh trolls campaign, by exploiting the Valentine gift orders. But…not just that; at the beginning of March I discovered a trolls plot, which could potentially lead to the birth of a new trolls campaign, and then another plot was discovered about a week later, but…the good thing is, these plots never really materialized into something that would threaten me in any way.

However, the fact that a new trolls campaign is possible is still there. Although these plots appeared to have died down, they can reappear again at anytime, without me knowing it, which could be scary indeed.

Anyways, that’s it for now…