Update on the eighth trolls campaign and some thoughts for the future

Hey guys;

So, it’s about a week since the eighth trolls campaign appeared, out of a rumor that I must say…is very, very evil; claiming that I liked a year 7 girl as my girlfriend, when…in reality it is impossible; 1000000% impossible, and…I doubt, the trolls’ use of the term “girlfriend” is an attempt to annoy me, with hopes that it would turn into some complicated, unrealistic issues that would seriously damage my reputation. Yep, their ultimate aim for the past years is to damage my reputation as much as possible.

Now, so far this week it seems that the rumor is spreading, but given that me and the year 12s are going out next week, the potential of this spreading outside of year 12 is very low, almost impossible, given the limited time available. But…that doesn’t mean that I’m completely safe; the trolls could, for example, decide to launch something big and scary tomorrow or on the last day of school, that would immediately spread this falsified rumor into the hands of people in other years. In fact, they may very well have informers in other years!

Now, with the summer holiday looming, the trolls would most likely go into holiday mode, so…that means that I’m most likely safe. But…no doubt, they will return when the next academic year starts. This would give me time to think and plan my next move against the eighth trolls campaign. I could try to adopt strategies that I set out earlier, E.G building up friendship in hopes of creating a inter-year Organization Against Trolls (OAT), dismiss this rumor altogether like what I did during the trolls’ threats to unfriend me on Facebook, or keep denying the rumor, like what I did during the sixth trolls campaign. The first option may seem simple and indeed it is, since…due to huge difference in age, the maximum a friendship could go is “best friends” and, theoretically, the trolls’ claims would remain false. However being best friends with just 2 year 7s is not practicable for an OAT that would crush the eighth trolls campaign and the trolls, so…more people is needed, however the issue of building an inter-year OAT is the risk of the eighth trolls campaign becoming stronger, or even worse, the birth of new trolls campaign. Second option looked very easy indeed, since all I need to do is just ignore the trolls, and the rumor would gradually die, like the unfriend threats earlier that now seems to have died down due to lack of my responses. I can’t really see any consequences of this option though, apart from the fact that the trolls would exploit my facial expressions and use it as an answer of acceptance/denial to their rumor. The third option is also quite simple; and…since it worked during the sixth trolls campaign, it should theoretically work with the eighth trolls campaign too, but the trolls could always find evidences to support their claims, such as my activities during lunch.

In addition, what had just come up into my head is, I could adopt 2 strategies at once. I had never try this, but…this could work, if adopted correctly. The first option may be one of the strategies adopted, since…as stated it’s not too hard to achieve and due to age gaps, the trolls’ claims would remain false, and the second option could be the denial of the falsified rumor, or ignoring the rumor altogether. But…if I chose the second option as the second strategy, then that would render the first one useless, since without my responses, the rumor would die naturally.

So…yeah, I don’t really know which move to choose, but…I will probably go for a 2-strategy move, with the first option as one of them, and the second one to be decided later, but most likely the third option as the second strategy. I will combine this into the move codenamed “Operation Smasher”, which aims to crush the eighth trolls campaign, and the trolls themselves eventually.

Oh…wait, there’s one more thing.

Today after school, I had a chance to attend the anual STA Expo of 2014, which is the showcase of the student’s drama, ICT, Design Technology (DT), music and art works. It’s great; I’m able to get my passport stamped at all sites and earned myself a badge! And…the performances/shows in the drama studio wasn’t bad either!

Other than that, I guess that’s it for now…

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