Trolls timeline summary

Hey guys; I know, it's not too long that I last posted this, but...since then, there were enough events going on that makes it worth to rewrite the whole thing again. As always, all rumors of the trolls will be groupped into trolls campaigns (refer to my earlier summary for more details), but this one … Continue reading Trolls timeline summary


A new trolls plot discovered

Hey guys; So, as I stated in some earlier posts that the trolls may launch a new trolls campaign, today...something happened that sort of to confirm my earlier fears... ...Today, I discovered a new trolls plot, a plot to launch a new trolls campaign. The girl the trolls are planning to base their new rumor … Continue reading A new trolls plot discovered

New ideas for dealing with the trolls

Hey guys; So, recently I just came up with some new ideas for dealing with the trolls... First, is Operation Cares, which basically is, whenever the trolls ask me whether I like this or that girl, I will simply say 'cares'. This is to hopefully discourage the trolls from repeating the question again; exception is … Continue reading New ideas for dealing with the trolls

Update on the trolls

Hey guys;I know, my last post was last Saturday, but...I have a feeling that I wanted to post again......Also, there's some updates regarding the trolls that is worth noting down...So far this week, the trolls remained calm, but......I've noticed that the trolls are planning to intensify the proxy campaign that they started in June, in … Continue reading Update on the trolls

Second week of school; not too bad

Hey guys;So, the second week of year 13 has ended, and...overall it's not too bad.In terms of the trolls, there's nothing new, apart from that brief rumor that I mentioned in the previous post. So far, nothing has happened in relation to that rumor. However, the trolls did try to turn the proxy campaign that … Continue reading Second week of school; not too bad

A hint of the next trolls campaign

Hey guys;So...yeah, today...during break I came across what could potentially evolve into the next trolls campaign. What I came across you might have guessed, a rumor that I liked someone. However as of 14:30 today, nothing has happened in relation to that rumor yet, but that may just be the beginning...So, since the full … Continue reading A hint of the next trolls campaign