Trolls timeline summary

Hey guys;

I know, it’s not too long that I last posted this, but…since then, there were enough events going on that makes it worth to rewrite the whole thing again.

As always, all rumors of the trolls will be groupped into trolls campaigns (refer to my earlier summary for more details), but this one there is also a proxy trolls campaign.

Simply, these proxy campaigns are those that lasted up to a month (excluding holidays). Once the 1-month deadline has passed and the same rumor still persists (the rumor needs to be relatively active), the proxy campaign is then automatically upgraded to the full trolls campaign.

Now, without further ado, let’s get to the timeline summary!

Early high school trolls: Late 2008 to mid 2009

These annoyances weren’t called trolls back then, but rather bullies, because of their use of physical means to attack me. Current forms of annoyances were non-existent, E.G spam campaign, or Facebook trolls. From what I can remember, the rumor that these trolls/bullies used were almost the same as was used by the trolls today.

First trolls campaign: Late 2009 to mid 2010

This was the first trolls campaign that were carried out by a group of my friends that I can properly labled ‘trolls’. Mainly, these rumors/annoyances/attacks were carried out in a non-violent manor. The rumor spreads quickly, but it was not very intense. Even the Valentines gift order in February 2010 didn’t result in a sudden increase in intensity of the rumors, from what I can remember.

Second trolls campaign: Late 2010 to April 5th, 2012

This was the longest, and the most painful trolls campaign, spanning 2 academic years. This trolls campaign, particularly the later phase, saw the emergence of the current forms of trolls (mainly Facebook trolls), where trolls attack virtually every statuses/wall posts that I made, with the most notorious incident being on 14 February 2012, where a wall post that I wrote on my friend’s Facebook wall was swamped by over 100 troll comments. This was also the first time where the exact end date can be defined, and also the only trolls campaign that spans multiple academic years. Sixth trolls campaign (see below) came pretty close, but it was cut short mainly because the girl the trolls claimed that I liked had left STA at the end of year 12.

Third trolls campaign: 23 May to 31 August 2012

This was the start of a series of short trolls campaign, spanning 6 months or less. This trolls campaign was started  on Facebook, and then gradually spread out into the open. The most notorious incident was probably on my status, about 2 days later, where it was swamped by dozens of troll comments, and also at one point, the trolls even threaten to declare a trolls war, but it never happened. Also, the trolls have started to use posts on my former blog to annoy me.

Proxy for the fourth trolls campaign: 31 August to 11 September 2012

This was the first proxy trolls campaign that was being launched. None of the incidents provoked by the trolls appeared to be notorious, and it was quickly killed by the fourth trolls campaign. Also as of this point, Facebook trolls started to decline.

Fourth trolls campaign: 11 September 2012 to 18 February 2013

This trolls campaign was launch perhapse of some sort of a weird incident that, until now, I still can’t think of how to explain it properly. Like previous trolls campaigns, the rumor the trolls created spreads very quickly. There were even attempts to start a new trolls campaign, but it failed. The most notorious incident was around 7-11/12 December, where the trolls had attempted to create a new rumor to counter the existing rumor, in hopes of complicating the situation and to hopefully kill the existing rumor by force, but the effects of that move gradually wears off. Also at this point, Facebook trolls was virtually dead.

Fifth trolls campaign: 18 February to 25/26 May 2013

This trolls campaign was rather unusual, because it was created using the Valentines Day gifts that I ordered as a base. This actually started around 14/15 February, where a member of the trolls had successfully coerced me into giving out the list of people I ordered Valentine gifts for. But…then, the campaign began to take on an even weirder bath, by combining rumors of the past trolls campaign into a single rumor.

First spam crisis (a.k.a exam season crisis): 25/26 May to 7 June 2013

This was not associated with any trolls campaign, and also not a new trolls campaign. Rather, this was most likely the show-off of a new, more effective way to troll me. I basically created an account to see how it works and whether I like it. Then…I simply shared a link to my profile, in hopes of getting more questions. But…this was the tipping point; what actually happened is that I get hundreds of troll messages on my profile within a short span of time. These messages were almost like the usual rumors that I seen in school. In fact they were technically the rumors that the trolls created in school. I bet, the trolls chose because they can hide their identity, which would make it impossible for me to find out who posted those messages, and it seems that it will never end, until one of my friend decided to intervene and ask me to temporary disable my account, which worked like magic. I dubbed this spam crisis the exam season crisis because it occurred during the time where IGCSE exams were still going on.

Sixth trolls campaign: 11 September 2013 to 4 July 2014

This trolls campaign was quite long, but not too intense. In fact, the clear sign of this can be seen on September 10th. The rumor that the trolls created spreads quite quickly, and…what’s worse is that the trolls used a combination of usual school trolls and trolls. None of the incidents created appeared to be particularly notorious, even though plots exists to create a counter rumor to forcefully kill the existing rumor. There were also plots to launch a new trolls campaign, but they didn’t evolve into anything meaningful.

October/November spam crisis: October/November 2013

Right, after that catastrophic exam season crisis, I thought that there would be no more spam crisis, but I was wrong; terribly wrong. This new wave of spam campaign was based on a news item in the media, of which the trolls have managed to successfully falsify. I guess, the motive behind is that to annoy me to the point where I would ask one of my friend to intervene again, and then the trolls would exploit that chance to create a new trolls campaign.

May spam crisis: May 2014

This spam crisis is rather spread out, as there were 2 distinct waves of attack; one in early May and one in late May. The first wave lead to a new fear that the next trolls campaign would involve someone in another year, as…eventually one of my friend in year 10 back then have to intervene and tell the trolls to stop annoying me on my profile. The second wave was rather exploitative, in a way that it exploits the extra holiday that was the result of the military coup in Thailand a day before.

July spam crisis: July 2014

This was rather a brief spam crisis on, but it did strengthen fears that the new trolls campaign will involve people in another year.

Proxy for the seventh trolls campaign/seventh trolls campaign: 20 June to present

The status of this was still being decided, because, this new rumor has been going on since June 20th, without any new rumor. There was one, on September 19th, but its potential was too small. This new rumor that was created on June 20th confirmed my earlier fear that the new trolls campaign will involve people in another year. What’s worse is that; the girl the trolls falsely claimed that I like was not 1 or 2 years younger, but 5! This new rumor was directly the result of an incident in the common room that day, where…I had been coerced by the trolls to say the names of my year 7 friends back then.

Now, the future…

As stated earlier there are still chances that a new trolls campaign could erupt, and this could happen anytime. Once again, the trolls might resort to claiming that I like girls in other years, perhaps they ran out of choices in my year; the trolls might easily achieve this by forming client groups in other years to discover and create new rumors for the trolls, although I haven’t seen this happening, as of yet.

Anyways, that’s it for now…

A new trolls plot discovered

Hey guys;

So, as I stated in some earlier posts that the trolls may launch a new trolls campaign, today…something happened that sort of to confirm my earlier fears…

…Today, I discovered a new trolls plot, a plot to launch a new trolls campaign. The girl the trolls are planning to base their new rumor on appears to be, yet again, someone in younger years, but as for what year, I’m not going to give that information out, until this can be confirmed. But…from the report by some people within the trolls circle, the rationale appears to be based on behavioral observations on me; I.E what I do during break times and lunch times, where I go, and who I talked to/hanged out with. If this is true, it would probably be the first time that a new trolls campaign is totally based on behavioral observations on me.

As always, there are spies reading this blog. Hense, as soon as this post gets published, the trolls might even launch something on my straight away as a pretext for the new trolls campaign!

Also, I’ve noticed that during recent days, extremist factions of the trolls who resort to using violent means to attack me has started to emerge. These factions are probably the most threatening to me, as they could use violent means to force me into accepting the trolls rumors. As yet, I don’t have any measures to deal with these extremist factions, but if they become too aggressive, I may have to ask someone to intervene and crush these extremists.

Other than that, I guess that’s it for now…

New ideas for dealing with the trolls

Hey guys;

So, recently I just came up with some new ideas for dealing with the trolls…

First, is Operation Cares, which basically is, whenever the trolls ask me whether I like this or that girl, I will simply say ‘cares’. This is to hopefully discourage the trolls from repeating the question again; exception is when (1)the person asking is someone that I can fully trust not to tell the trolls, and (2) when I feel like revealing the true answer, I.E my top secret, of which I shall have full control of when I will disclose it.

Second, is the so called ‘Mental Revolution’, which is being carried out right now. The first part is my declaration that, with retroactive effect back to August 2009 until 12 September 2014, any rumors that I may have accepted in the past shall no longer take effect, I.E my answers to those rumors have been nullified. Some of you reading this may knew about it already, since I posted a statement on my Facebook wall.

Another part of the Mental Revolution is, since sometimes the trolls like to bring back past negative events in my life and troll about it, I would now like to issue the following statement:

Effective tomorrow, with retroactive effect back to October 2002, any negative events that I encountered at school (including detentions and troubles with the teachers), shall no longer have any significant meaning, I.E those event shall be treated as if never have happened, even though if hard evidence exists. This would allow me to fully deny that I’ve been through such events, or to simply say ‘cares’ in response to questions/discussions relating to those past negative events. Once again, exceptions to this would be if the question/discussion is between me and someone that I fully trust and feel comfortable talking about those events.

Although, there are questions as to what to do with those that I have ordered Valentine gifts for, that the trolls have managed to pick on. I can either treat those incidents with the same as all other rumors, or be selective and select the ones that resulted in the worst trolling incident, and then nullify it.

Anyways, that’s it for now…

Update on the trolls

Hey guys;

I know, my last post was last Saturday, but…I have a feeling that I wanted to post again…

…Also, there’s some updates regarding the trolls that is worth noting down…

So far this week, the trolls remained calm, but…

…I’ve noticed that the trolls are planning to intensify the proxy campaign that they started in June, in hopes of turning it into a full-blown seventh trolls campaign (under the new classifications, the upcoming trolls campaign will be called the seventh trolls campaign instead of eighth; more details will be posted when I write a summary of all trolls campaigns). In fact, this proxy campaign may very well already be converted to the seventh trolls campaign, as I still heard this very same rumor since the school starts, and it’s almost 3 months since this rumor exploded (holiday months are included as well).

But, there’s still a chance that the trolls may pick a different girl and falsely claim that I liked her. For instance…one potential time that this might occur is…tomorrow, during MUN meeting. Why? It’s because (1) some members of the trolls have joined MUN and (2) there are girls from different year groups (10-13) that participated in MUN! The trolls only need to provoke an incident, and then…the new trolls campaign would be up instantly! Although, I do still believe that the chance of this occurring tomorrow is rather slim, but…I could never ignore this possibility.

As stated, at the moment there’s no effective ways to crush rumors created by the trolls, other than ignoring them or keep denying until the trolls give up; either method should work well, for the time being.

Anyways, that’s it for now…

Second week of school; not too bad

Hey guys;

So, the second week of year 13 has ended, and…overall it’s not too bad.

In terms of the trolls, there’s nothing new, apart from that brief rumor that I mentioned in the previous post. So far, nothing has happened in relation to that rumor. However, the trolls did try to turn the proxy campaign that they started in June into the eighth trolls campaign, which is what I’m fearing of.

As I stated in some of my earlier posts, the trolls may try to create false claims that I liked a girl in other years. Were this to happen, the situation would be more difficult to control, and I doubt the trolls did have informers in other years, that I didn’t know of. Basically the trolls could be trying to create a vast network of trolls to annoy me. Whether this is true or not is questionable…

But…regardless, I will not let the trolls achieve what they wanted. I need to find ways to crush all rumors created by the trolls, but how would I do that is a problem, although as I mentioned a few times I could adopt the strategies I’m using, which did work to some extent.

Anyways, that’s it for now…

A hint of the next trolls campaign

Hey guys;

So…yeah, today…during break I came across what could potentially evolve into the next trolls campaign. What I came across is…as you might have guessed, a rumor that I liked someone. However as of 14:30 today, nothing has happened in relation to that rumor yet, but that may just be the beginning…

So, since the full trolls campaign is not fully developed yet, I’m not going to reveal the hint of who the rumor involves. In fact I may never reveal it, since…I know for sure that there are trolls that will read this post and may use it as a catalyst to starting a new trolls campaign.

And…in terms of the existing proxy campaign, the rumor has been quite calm recently. However, I do have a feeling that this period of inactivity may not last long. In fact, there’s a chance that the new rumor that was created today could rapidly evolve into the proper eighth trolls campaign by tomorrow, or even the existing proxy campaign could also evolve into the eighth trolls campaign!

So…yeah, other than those updates, that’s it for now…