Bad day + amazing evening = …

Hey guys;

So, haven’t posted in a while. Yeah, IB is a lot of work with TOK essays and other work.

Yesterday, was…um, it’s hard where to position it. During the day it was very bad due to the trolls, but the Spring Dance last night was amazing; hence this phrase in the title ‘Bad day + amazing night’.

First, let’s start with the trolls. They tried again, to hopefully bring me down like what they did on February 6th, in attempt to hopefully make me so depressed that I won’t enjoy the Spring Dance, but they failed. Once again, they used a series of threats and annoying tactics to force me to cave in to their demands, or to try to get me to say things that they desire. But…that’s sort of thing that…in fact, I predicted earlier since it’s Friday 13th, where bad things can happen and…my prediction was very, very right.

Now, on to Spring Dance…the dance was…absolutely amazing; virtually as good as last year, if not better. There were fewer people, though. I had a lot of fun dancing!

In fact, Spring Dance is actually just the start of a chain that consists of possibly 2 more events that are quickly approaching, in quick succession, although there are 2 more negative blocks on the way French oral exam on Tuesday 17th, and Business test on Thursday 19th. In fact, a chain of only 3 events might not be enough; because, on Friday 3rd April is Songkran celebration, once again. Combined these 4 events, then the so called ‘Great Second Half Term’ or something similar would be born. But to include Songkran celebration means that another potentially negative block would be included, which is the TOK presentation on Thursday 26th/Friday 27th March.

Anyways, this initial chain will run from yesterday Friday 13th to next Saturday 21st. Immediately starting from Monday 16th and will run through to Friday 20th is the STA dodge ball, once again. I’m definitely going to watch the games. Then, on the weekend of Saturday 21st is…oh yes, an event that will mark an important, very important milestone in my life (provided that things went according to plans).

That event is…my first ever weekend trip with a friend. The trip itself is nothing more than a fun at a swimming pool and some nice lunch, but it’s an important milestone nonetheless. This would mean, if things go smoothly, that my wish since last year had been achieved, which is absolutely amazing.

Anyways, that’s it for now…


Hey guys;

So, it’s been a good while since I last posted. Half-term holiday came, and had since ended. My birthday also came and went, with good number of wishes on my Facebook timeline.

Now, in terms of what the trolls are up to…I’d rather say, they’re quite inactive, at the moment. Perhaps they ran out of things to annoy me, or they’re too busy with IB. Either way, that’s a good news that the trolls are not very active at the moment.

But, this can change within an instant, as always. What sort of concerns me is…if, for any chance, they’ve exhausted all the rumors about me liking girls, they might turn on something else. Possible target includes my personal hobbies. Were this to happen, then I could very well be dealing with a super trolls campaign that might be hundreds or thousands of times more annoying than the normal trolls campaigns. But the chance of this happening…I’d rather say quite low, because they haven’t got enough information to create a super trolls campaign.

But, however, they can always turn things around. Counting on the success of the 6 February incident, the trolls could, at any chance, seek to use the very same tactics to obtain the necessary information, and then…they would launch the very first super trolls campaign, and…that would be indeed devastating. To say whether such an incident would be worse than the 6 February incident, I’d say it would be as bad as the 6 February incident, if not worse.

Now, what can I do…well, as stated many times, I would try to use the word ‘cares’ as a symbol that I don’t have interest in what the trolls are saying. Or…I could adopt more extreme measures, for example trying to launch a Maost Cultural Revolution-style campaign to forcefully purge the trolls, this might eventually extend to anyone that I suspect might be part of the trolls, or acting as proxies for the trolls, or acting as spies for the trolls, but the problem is that the way that Cultural Revolution was carried out would not be applicable to the current situation, given the limitations on my skills and abilities and human resources, amongst scores of other limitations. I could, of course, report direct to the teacher, if and only if, the trolls decide to use my personal hobbies as part of their trolls campaign as I would consider that to be a personal attack.

Also…on the other note, Spring Dance 2015 is quickly approaching, I’m very excited for that as it is a good replacement for the now canceled Fun Day, but it is taking place only 4 days before my French oral exam, so…this is like a calm before the storm or something, however Songkran celebration is also approaching.

Anyways, that’s it for now…