A day that brought back old memories from old times…

Hey guys;

Today was the day of the first in a series of post-IB exams events, it’s the graduation ceremony of the class of 2015 at KIS (the very first international school I went to). The ceremony was boring and interesting at times, though it’s a bit short, to be honest as it only lasted from like 15:30 or 15:45 to 17:00 or 17:30, although with that very short duration it’s not possible to throw in huge disco parties anyway, so I’m not expecting those kinds of stuff at this graduation ceremony.

Though most or all of the speech I heard mainly pertain to the class of 2015 at KIS, the structure and way it is organized is a preview of what I would be in during next Saturday, for the STA class of 2015 graduation ceremony, which is, surprisingly, 7 days away.

When I first arrived, my first impression is…the school has not changed at all, in terms of appearance, since when I last seen it in early 2008. It may have changed in some ways, but I just can’t see/recognize the changes. The old playground that I use to hang out during breaks and lunch was still there, I think, although I do not have the time to check out everything, so it may have been demolished, changed, or upgraded in some ways, but I would be surprised if it, too, hasn’t changed at all.

This, in effect, brought back some of my old memories, in addition to meeting my old friends. I think one that clearly came into my mind is the exhibition project I did during grade 5 (year 6). To think back about it in a mature and grown up way, it is an amazing project; the so called ‘Benefit Dinner’ in March 2008 (March 14th, 2008 might be the exact date, I’m not sure) was a great event, after all, in addition to I think a Children’s Day some time in April of 2008. But the truth is, back then I was too young and immature to recognize the goodness of the project, and considered it a waste of my time/too hard/too much work/etc that I think I didn’t put in a lot of effort into it. But to compare it to what I did in CAS, this exhibition project is pretty much a CAS project as well, though unofficially since it was done before the Diploma Program, but it had virtually all the elements of CAS (creativity, action, and service aspects). The service part is…a visit to an orphanage center, I think, and the creativity part is…several boring and unproductive works/activities, E.G movies/music band performances/etc. I’m not sure about the action part, but I doubt there would be any. There might be some action parts, but I can’t remember right now. The Benefit Dinner would be considered a creativity/service part as well, and so for the Children’s Day as either creativity, action, or service, or all 3, or 1 or 2 of the 3 elements. Another thing that I think came up just now is the missions and objectives of the project. I think I still have digital records of those somewhere, but it’s pretty much like a CAS activity goals/targets.

If I could go back in time, I would probably try putting more effort into this project as it’s an amazing project, almost as good as the CAS projects I did during my IB Diploma Program, if not better, as some of the works produced weren’t entirely my work. For example, I still remember a movie that I showed during the Benefit Dinner…that one wasn’t my work entirely, or in fact, I might not be the one producing it as back then I think I’m too lazy/unwilling to do it/don’t have the necessary skills/software, or all 3 of them.

Another old memory is…the residential trips. They’re of course great events, especially the trip to Kanchanaburi in 2008. The activities are literally the same as the ones I did in 2010, but the critical difference is the quality of people in my team. Yes, I’m going to say it now, the quality of people in my team during the 2010 trip was…horrible! Maybe not absolutely horrible, but the quality of people is not good still. My team didn’t even win anything! In contrast, people in my team back during the KIS trip were a lot better and I think I and my team even won something. The activities are similar, but…once again, it’s the quality of people that differs! But needless to say, that’s not the first time I’m stuck with low-quality people in my team. One of the groups I worked with during the year 9 trip to Chiang Mai was also quite bad and the January 2014 trip last year…the quality of people in my group was equally bad. Fortunately that’s the last time that I have to deal with a low quality team as the quality of people in my group during the March Chiang Mai trip and the Habitat for Humanity Khorat trip was quite good.

Anyways, that’s it for now…I can’t wait for my graduation ceremony next week!

Blog has just gotten a facelift!

Hey guys;

Yep, that’s right, I’m overhauling the appearance of this blog! Now the about page is there on the top menu bar, and the sidebar is now on the left.

Well, the main inspiration for this move is…I just came across another of my friend’s WordPress.com blog, and noticed that the blog looked very professional with the about page, so I thought that…it’s about time that I modernize my blog, and so…here it is, a modernized version of my blog!

Note this very same appearance is also present on my website and the new NVDA Thailand support site that I’m in the process of creating and finishing up!

Anyways, I hope you like this new appearance. Feel free to leave your thoughts on this new appearance!

Exams are over; summer holiday finally begins!

Hey guys;

So, after 3 long, hard, tiring weeks, it’s over at last. The IB exams are over, since last Friday! I’m so happy that I made it through!

Due to this, the summer holiday has officially begun, since…Friday night (22nd May), or rather, Saturday 23rd May.

Now, 3 big events are underway. First 2 events are 2 graduation ceremonies (yep, I’ve been invited to one at KIS by my old friends this upcoming Saturday, 30th May), and another one which is my class itself on June 6th, and…2 weeks after that, the 2015 senior prom! Last year’s prom was great, and I hope this year would be…just as good, if not better.

Also, there’s still house basketball competition to look to, which I think is on the last week of this term. Given that I don’t have lessons anymore, I’m free to go in and watch and I’m going to watch all matches.

Beyond this is uncertain, as it ultimately depend on whatever is in-store once my first term at university starts, but…the 2015 STA Halloween Carnival is an event that I will make my best effort to attend. I don’t care if I have to go in with my university uniform and not a Halloween-themed clothe, and I don’t care if I have to bring all of my stuff from the campus to the event; I just…want to make it into the event regardless!

Other possible events…I don’t really know, perhaps a residential trip? Who knows…only time will tell, but this year is going to be called the year of change, due to this very important transition that I’m going through.

Anyways, that’s it for now…