2016 half year summary

Hey guys;

So, the first 6 months of 2016 passed by at a speed of light, already we are at the half year point, and within another 6 months it would be time to say ‘Happy New Year’ once again as 2016 gives way to 2017.

Throughout the world, during this first half there are a number of high profile events that resulted in a wide range of reactions, the biggest of them all are the Brussels attacks in March and the UK’s EU referendum last week, better known as ‘Brexit’. Oh and…of course, there is the Euro 2016, which is still going on and will continue for a few more weeks…

In terms of my life, the first half of 2016 had been amongst the worst yet. Class registration issues, failure to secure places on club trips, torturous assignments and disastrous midterm scores dominated this first half of the year…so far, 2016 have not been going my way at all.

The only reliefs from the strings of bad luck are the wonderful string of events in June, the second Pattaya trip in March which I only managed to secure a place on because of pure luck, and…a number of smaller events, including the sumo robot competition and the Thank Pee event in February. Songkran celebration at STA is another wonderful event, being able to meet with my former teachers.

The issue of class registration actually began towards the end of 2015, when I registered for classes in term 2. It seems, at least to my feeling, that whatever subject I want, people always tried their best to ensure that I don’t get that subject, and…worse, whatever subjects/sections that I must register people once again made sure that I don’t get them. It seems that they really want me to go through the pains of add/drop but…oh well, I don’t blame them…we all need to register for classes…I guess, competition for seats like this is the norm at university…

And…for term 3, things went almost, and I mean very close, to plan, until a subject that I registered for decided to close down, forcing me to add/drop for another subject, which I luckily did, but it’s not necessarily the subject I want or like the most, but it’s not that hard so far either.

As I just covered the events in June, I’m not going to repeat them again…please read my previous post for more detail coverage.

Anyways, that’s it for now…hope the last half of 2016 will be better and more desirable…

A great month of june

Hey guys;

So, it’s like 2 months since I last posted…well, I’ve been either busy, tired, or just lazy…

Lots of events have taken place over the course of 2 months, but the events of June are what I’ll be covering…as May is pretty uneventful…

Since my midterm exams, there had been 5 events, the last ended yesterday. For comparison, last year after my IB exams there were just 4 events, excluding the high school production show which was a day before my last exam. Despite last year featuring fewer events year, the events of last year were big and major events, particularly my graduation ceremony. This year, however, there were 5 small events, with the exception of IC Festival at my college, which lasted for 2 days.

The first event I’ll be covering is the ‘Mango Bar fair’. Though this is not a major event and in fact I did not cover that event previously, I think it’s still worth talking about it just a bit.

Basically this event is nothing more than a food fair, with stalls selling food, mainly from the restaurant that is on the 6th floor of the college building, they organized this event to promote their restaurant.

The second event is a field trip on June 9th, organized by both the vice president of Mahidol University and the staff at the Disability Support Service (DSS). This was perhaps my third day trip out of campus, after the Petchaburi and Khao Yai trips, though this trip only lasted for a few hours.

The trip mainly focuses on observation of the autism center, in terms of what kind of stuff the center has been doing in order to empower people with autism, and I get a chance to drink cold chocolate milk staffed pretty much by people with autism, and also get a chance to see some of the products that these people made, and I actually bought a few of them to support the center.

The next aspect of the trip involves visiting the Asia Pacific Development Center for People with Disabilities (APCD). Just like the autism center, this organization focuses on empowering people with disabilities, but unlike the autism center, this center appears to be a regional center and its activities appear to cover other forms of disabilities as well. But more importantly, I get to learn more about the center, and that had a deep impact on me. To be honest, after visiting the center, I feel that, as a person with disability, I need to campaign to make the life of people with disabilities better.

The next event on the row was the IC Festival, between June 15th and June 16th. Like the Mango Bar fair, the festival was mainly a food fair, with some games and activities, but I did not participate in any of them. The only other thing I did was watch the Dance Club performance on the second day.

The fourth event was the STA senior prom, on June 18th. Like senior proms of previous years, there were food, and the most important of all, dance. The food was quite good actually, with pizzas and sushi and some other stuff, but I didn’t try everything. The prom, as like previous year’s proms, was fun, and a great way to formally celebrate the end of my midterm exams, even though my last exam was 2 weeks before the prom.

Lastly, was XPO XVI at STA yesterday. At first I considered this event as optional, but later, the desire to see STA again before a major change reported by one of my friend kicks in and the desire to see my best friend once more were so strong that I decided to do what I can to make it to the expo, and my attempt was successful, but only because I decided to try and get from MUIC to STA by myself.

The expo itself was very similar to last year’s expo, with showcases of student’s work from the Music, Art, ICT, Design and Technology, and Drama departments. Everything went very well, except for one of the music performances which suffered a minor technical problem with the sound system…this just goes on to prove that technology works like 99.99% of the time, but it can still fail when we most needed it. I think I’ve heard of a more serious technical problem encountered by the high school production last year or something, the problem I think was with the lighting system. In fact these weren’t the only incidents of technical failures I’ve witnessed at STA…I think I remember a number of times when, either during assemblies or classes, that technical issues surfaced. Sometimes it was because a particular video clip failed to play, or sometimes it was the projector that suddenly failed to work properly, or sometimes there are issues with the main computer system that prevented a presentation from opening or functioning properly.

Anyways, despite minor technical problems, the expo went pretty well, and the last performances, in particular the high school production mini show were without any technical issues…I’m sure, the last thing that students and staff wanted to happen was for either the sound system, or the lights, to suddenly fail…given that high school production shows, even if they were just extracts, are highly reliant on technologies…

And…last but not least, I finally get to meet my best friend; I thought we won’t see each other again but…luck seems to have turned on my side somewhat. It seems that people can still change quite dramatically, even just over a year and that’s what I noticed…my best friend seem to have grown somewhat, from the last time I saw her on the last day of school that I went to get my yearbook.

Overall, the events that came after the midterm exams were great, and they certainly made the month of June one of the best yet so far this year.

Anyways, that’s it for now…