A sign that my luck has begun to change?

Hey guys;

So, I thought that…throughout the holiday, other than a family trip last week, there wouldn’t be anymore fun events, but…hold on.

Fast forwarding from the time I wrote my 2016 summary to yesterday, December 30th, at around 15:15. I was preparing my stuff, and I’m ready to leave. But where exactly am I going? Not the Grand Palace, not Hua Hin, but…somewhere in Bangkok…

“Where are you going?” The ticketing personnel asks. “Ari station,” I replied.

Hmmm. Ari station? There’s pretty much nothing interesting there; not a shopping mall, nor there is any good restaurants in the area, but…something is up…

“Next station, Ari.” The train announcement said. Suddenly I was consumed with excitement…my phone rang, and a soft, friendly, familiar voice at the other side of the call was asking me where I was. The clocks have already struck 16:00 moments ago.

…Finally when I walked out pass the ticket gates, a soft, familiar voice greeted me. That person is nobody but…my best friend! And…where exactly am I heading? To a cinema? A restaurant for dinner? No! I’m heading to my best friend’s house! And…man did I get to feel the genuine hospitality of someone else’s family! I was then greeted by her parents, and we all went to a place that looked like a bakery, which, to my surprise, was part of a shopping mall. Yes, an actual shopping mall! But looks like that there’s no Mcdonalds or KFC anywhere, so…maybe it’s not a full-blown shopping mall, or that the mall is just too small for such restaurants…

Fast forwarding some minutes later…after enjoying a good cup of cold chocolate and a chocolate cake at that mall, my best friend’s parents’ car pulls over, and…in front looms a big structure…way bigger than my house. I was suddenly taken on a tour around my best friend’s house…

OK, this isn’t a house. This is a mansion, or a complex of houses lumped together into a single plot of land at the suburb of Bangkok. Or to be exact, according to what I heard, it’s a school converted into a house. Weird, huh? If you ask me I would say yes, but…to think about it, this is actually possible. With the right amount of money, one can practically convert anything, no matter how big the venue is, into a living space.

Once settled into the living room (I assume), everyone else immediately began playing what I would assume to be a sort of shooting/killling game on a game console. Though I was given a chance to try, I decided not to try as I don’t really know how to play. Then we all switched to playing the monopoly game and…that’s where the fun begins.

The entirety of the game itself was fun, and…my luck did indeed began to change, as from time to time I was able to make the die land on a perfect combination of numbers that would net me a wad of dollars. At the height of the game, I was able to grab up to somewhat more than $2000! Though I did lose more than half of that amount towards the end, I didn’t really care much as by the time I began to lose money, I was getting bored with the game as it seems to be dragging on endlessly.

As for dinner…the food was nothing special, a standard home-prepared meal, which consists of noodles, which is not too bad, and in fact tasted quite good. But dinner itself actually took place in a dining room. Yes, a proper dining room! By the time I leave for home, I was filled with happiness.

Overall, yesterday was a great experience. Given that 2016 has brought me so much bad luck and misfortune, I never expected this kind of event to turn up out of the blue. Given that 2016 was a year where things never go according to plans very often, the fact that something could go terribly wrong at the very last minute always looms in my head. But that fear never materialize and instead what I got was a wonderful evening that will stay in my memories forever.

Anyways, that’s it for now…


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