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Hey once again, third post for the day…

While my brain was consumed wwith the events of yesterday and Friday, as well as looking back at the days of the trolls, one thought occurred to me…using the concept of alternate history (yes, alternate history can be applied to one’s own life as well), could things have occurred differently in an alternate timeline? In my popnion I think so, so today I’ll discuss this topic. I’ll pick the seventh trolls campaign, as it’s the most interesting, as well as one of the most devastating trolls campaigns, and also yesterday’s New Years party and countdown and its prelude on Friday, December 30th because, I believe, in an alternate timeline, the party and its prelude could have affected the seventh trolls campaign, if the timing was right.

So…let’s get into the discussion…

For this alternate seventh trolls campaign, I’ll take last night’s New Years party and countdown along with its prelude the day before and place them at the spot where the usual countdown on the night of December 31st, 2014 was in the real timeline. But realistically, for this to even take place would mean that friendship building between me and my best friend, from when we first met in mid May of 2014, would have to be unrealistically fast, assuming that the incident that indirectly lead to it still occurs on April 1st. So for the sake of this alternate timeline, I’ll have to move that April 1st incident months earlier, let’s say October of 2013. Also the rumor on June 2014 that sparked the seventh trolls campaign would have to be moved earlier by 6 months, or in this case, December 2013. This would also mean that I would have to know my best friend by around November of 2013 instead of May 2014.

So…with all of that, the alternate scenario can begin.

On October xth, 2013, a serious incident occurs, resulting in the whole of year 12 being banned from using the 12C tutor base during break and lunch. Like in the real timeline, I would be forced to find somewhere else to hang out. After a month of roaming around the school grounds, on November xth, 2013 I meet someone in year 7 that would become my future best friend. Like in the real timeline, we both begun hanging out during lunch on a daily bases whenever both of us are free. On December xth, the trolls uses the same tactics as in the real timeline, thus is able to create a new rumor, and thus marks the beginning of the seventh trolls campaign. In this alternate timeline, the sixth trolls campaign would be almost as short as the third or the fifth trolls campaign.

The rest of 2014 would, in this alternate timeline, play out quite similar to the real timeline, but without the April Fools Day incident and the June 20th rumor because both of them have already occurred. Also in this alternate timeline, because the October 29th/November 12th rumor would still occur just like in the real timeline, they would be considered as the start of the eighth trolls campaign. In this alternate timeline, because the trolls have more time, the rumor they created in December 2013 is able to spread to more people. At this point, there could also be 2 further alternate scenarios. (1) The rumor stays within the ears of people in my year similar to the real timeline right before the October 29th/November 12th rumor, and (2) the rumor is able to make its way to the ears of students in other years. As for which scenario is most likely, I’d think the second alternate scenario. Given that the trolls would have almost a year to spread their new rumor, it’s quite logical, based on their behavior that I observed in the real timeline, that they spread it to as many people as possible and I would imagine after spreading it to everyone in my year, the trolls will have to resort to spreading it to people in younger years. If this second alternate scenario happens in this alternate timeline, then the seventh trolls campaign would be difficult to stop, but this is also depended on how far the rumor spreads. As long as the rumor doesn’t get into the hands of any year 7s, things will somewhat remain in a controllable state. But if the rumor manages to find its way into the hands of the year 7s, even if just the hands of a single student in that year, things would quickly get out of control. Remember, as with any rumors, once a rumor is started it is very difficult to stop. So in this scenario the rumor would spread extremely fast, which means that this alternate seventh trolls campaign would be far worse than the second trolls campaign, because the trolls would literally have most, if not all, of the year 7s under their influence. Keep in mind that what I’ve just discussed is a worst case scenario. In reality, things might not play out that way. As IB involves lots of work, the trolls could be too busy and so didn’t have time to spread the December 2013 rumor. But for the sake of this main alternate scenario, I’ll assume that the rumor spreads to other years, but not all the way to the year 7s.

So fast forwarding the alternate timeline to December of 2014, let’s say that the New Years party last night and its prelude the day before occurred that year instead of 2016. I’m not going to go into specific details of this alternate New Years party and its prelude, but I would assume it to be the same as in the real timeline. In this alternate timeline I still would change my profile picture on Facebook to be the same photo that I took last night. In this alternate timeline, I believe the trolls, once they saw me at an unusual place, and possessing inflatable toys, would immediately up their campaign against me. Using pressure tactics, they could actually force me to tell the whole story, and they would in turn, use the information they forcefully gathered from me to revive and enhance the seventh trolls campaign, and they would use my new profile photo as an evidence to back up their arguments. Thus I could actually see an alternate first 4 months of 2015, where annoyances rain supreme. However all of this would still end rather quickly, as the trolls would still go on early study leave, and by the time of the IB exams, they no longer have any interest in continuing their campaign of annoyance against me. Also in this alternate first 4 months of 2015, as my best friend would have been in year 8 by then, the trolls, once they forcefully gathered information from me, would quickly spread their enhanced rumor, and they would ensure that it reaches the hands of at least a few year 8s, of which the rumor would then quickly spread.

That was a long scenario…you see, just by changing a single event, particularly if it’s a significant event, could affect future events that happened afterwards. I’d like to write more posts about the alternate timeline of my life, using the concept of alternate history. Possible scenaros could be…what if I decided not to study IB and go straight to university? And…what if the April Fools Day incident didn’t happen? These 2 alternate scenarios are quite interesting…maybe I’ll write about them one day.

Anyways, that’s it for now…


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