Welcome, 2017!

Hey guys;

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a good time with your families and/or friends celebrating New Year.

For me, this year’s New Years celebration was…unbelievable, it was simply so good! Stakes, sausages, cakes and ice cream, plus a movie, you get the idea….

As the clocks struck 17:00 yesterday, I was about to leave home again. What’s my destination? The very same place as Friday. Why? Because yesterday was special!

Fast forwarding some minutes…the Sun sets for the last time of the year, a car suddenly pulls up in front of me, and…I was greeted by a familiar voice. The voice was from my best friend! Yep, a New Years party at my best friend’s house is about to begin!

The party was originally scheduled to run from 18:30 to 20:30 of which after that I was due to go to Siam Paragon for a countdown (Buddhist style), eventually the party dragged on and became a full blown New Years countdown celebration. I spent almost an hour after I arrived at my friend’s house waiting for things to get set up. Eventually the party did finally begun, and…right away the food was amazing. I ate some stakes and sausages, there’s even a salmon! Though there’s no soft drinks (there might actually be), but that’s no problem for me at all. During this time I enjoyed chatting with my best friend and also with one of her friends that actually stayed overnight since like Friday.

After the dinner, we watched a movie. No, it’s not Transformer, or Terminator, or Starwars, it’s a Thai movie where the late King’s songs were featured. One actual moral message that I was able to get is…”Fight for your dreams”. The movie dragged on for about 2 hours, and during the movie we were served cakes as our desserts. They tasted amazing!

After that, we went back outside, and we took several group/family photos, and I did enjoy a little dance. There’s even ice cream available!

As the clocks struck 23:59, everyone was ready to welcome the year of 2017. Instead of an actual countdown, we waited and when the clocks struck 00:00, we all shouted “Happy New Year!”. After that, me, my best friend and my best friend’s friend who stayed overnight decided to take a few more selfies, before I leave.

Overall, last night was just…amazing, the degree of hospitality was unprecedented. Last night’s party and countdown will be remembered as my first ever New Years countdown at someone’s house. After yesterday and Friday, it could be another 6-7 months, if not the whole year, until I get to see my best friend again as she’ll be going back to study at Finland very soon, which is kind of sad. But since this is the 21st century and thanks to Steve Jobs, I can still chat with her via Line. Yeah, I really have to give Steve Jobs a big credit for inventing the iPhone, which enabled me and my best friend to stay in touch, even though we’re thousands of miles away. But even so, I’ll miss her a lot, and from time to time I’ll most likely think about her when I’m alone.

Anyways, I would like to wish you visitors the very best of 2017, may 2017 be a wonderful and successful year for all of you. #fightforyourdreams


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