Possible events to look forward to in 2017

Hey guys;

So, 2017 is in full swing. As always, there are a number of events that I could expect to see throughout the year, some, in fact a number of them, are regular occurrences while others are more irregular/infrequent.

The first possible event, and in fact a confirmed event, is…surprise, a residential trip to Hua Hin! And…guess when it’s taking place? This upcoming weekend! Of course provided that nothing goes terribly wrong, in terms of finding a place to stay in (days ago I do heard that the organizers are having difficulties finding a place to stay, and as of now I don’t know whether that issue have been sorted out yet). Though the trip only lasts a single night just like the Pattaya trip last year, it should still be good nonetheless. This means that, no matter what happened throughout the year, the question of which events should be chosen as the best event of 2017 has already been answered, as this upcoming trip will automatically be given this rank, with 1 condition, that is if nothing goes terribly wrong during the course of the trip.

The second possible event is the MUIC festival/food fair. In fact, I’m quite certain that this event will take place. It has taken place in pretty much every term since I entered MUIC, so…there’s no reason why it should not take place in 2017. And, just like the previous terms, I’m quite sure that it will be nothing more than a food market with just lots of food to eat for lunch or as a snack during brakes between classes.

The third possible event is…STA senior prom. Given that previous years this has taken place in the middle of June (mostly the third Saturday of june), I think this will most likely take place on June 17th, which is a Saturday. However, whether I can attend this event will depend on 1 thing – my midterm exams. If I’m done with all of my midterm exams by that day, or if the very last midterm exam takes place early enough on that day, I can still go to the prom. Note that this case assumes that I don’t have any schedule conflicts, such as club trips, family feasts, or any unexpected events/emergencies.

The fourth possible event is…hanging out at my best friend’s house/hanging out with my best friend somewhere/a trip to somewhere (residential or not) with my best friend. I’d say this is a possibility because my best friend did told me that when she come back again, we both will meet up. But just exactly how eventful this will be is not clear. It could be like December 30th and 31st, 2016 where I go to her house (most likely), a lunch/dinner/watch movie kind of thing at somewhere like Siam Paragon or some place (likely), or a full blown trip to somewhere, possibly out of Bangkok, either residential or not, with her (least likely). Though this event is fourth on this list, my ability to attend such an event will depend on, other than when my best friend is available to meet up, whether I, once again, have any schedule conflicts. Given that (1) my best friend will return by June and go back to Finland again by late July and…possibly return to Thailand again in December, this event could only take place during the brief time that she’s in Thailand, and (2) given the fact that this event has no specific date, it could potentially conflict with various other events, such as club trips, exams (both midterm and final), family feasts, and family trips (if in December). If she returns before June 17th, the possibility of a schedule conflict with the STA senior prom is real. In that scenario, I’ll have to make a pretty tough decision. Given that both events would have been mutually exclusive, it’s either meeting up and hanging out with my best friend or go to the STA senior prom. As mentioned above, a schedule conflict with a last minute event might prevent me from going to the prom, and…this event is in that category.

The fifth possible event is club trips. Although this could occur more likely than the proceeding 2 events I’ve mentioned, I decided to place club trips fifth because…it’s not a guarantee that I will go on any of those trips. Last year, out of I think 5 or 6 or possibly more club trips, I’ve managed to go on just 1 club trip, the Nature Lovers Club residential trip to Pattaya, and that only happened because someone decided to drop out at the very last minute.

Other than these 5 events, there are more possible events, including Songkran celebration at STA, STA XPO XVII, the Halloween Carnival and Loy Krathong. These events do have a good chance of occurring, though I’m not putting my hopes high on these events.

Anyways, that’s it for now…


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