Christmas holiday is drawing to a close

Hey guys;

So, after 4 weeks, the Christmas holiday is finally drawing to a close, with tomorrow’s residential trip to Hua Hin finishing it off. Monday will be the start of a new term, a term of transition, as this upcoming term is when I’ll formally begin the process of changing my major to International Business. If things go well, I should be in the new major by the end of the term or earlier.

For me, holidays are the boring times, where I have nothing to do and where loneliness rained supreme. But this Christmas holiday is different. Although loneliness ruled the day for most of the time, just a single event and its starter made this holiday not so horrible as previous holidays. The event, which first began as a normal hang out, eventually grew to become the most unique, touching, and special New Years ever.

It all began on an ordinary day on Friday. It was December 30th, 2016. This was to be the day that changed everything. The day seemed to be like any other day at first. Even as the afternoon drove on, nothing seems special…

But the ordinary won’t last much longer. As the train pulls into Ari station, my phone rang, and I told the caller at the other end of the line that I was arriving at Ari and also asked to confirm that I should go to exit 4. Even once I stepped out, nothing seems unusual. The sun still blasts my skin with the heat of the day, and everyone else seems to be going on with their stuff as usual. But once passed the ticket gates, a soothing, soft, familiar voice greeted me. A smile and a sense of joy quickly took over. That voice was, unmistakably, from someone that I longed to meet since who knows when! Nah, since STA XPO XVI. That person is…my best friend!

And here’s when the specialty begins. I was soon escorted to a cafe, and as I’m a bit hungry, I ordered some hot chocolate and a chocolate cake. To my own surprise, for perhaps the first time in a long while, I didn’t have to pay for the stuff I ordered. This marked the beginning of the unprecedented degree of hospitality that was to last until New Years.

After everyone ate up and ready, I was taken to a car, where we drove for some good minutes before stopping at my best friend’s house.

Man, the place was huge! Much bigger than what I would call a house! But it is a house nonetheless, just…not in a quite conventional way…

I was taken on a tour around the house. As mentioned already the place was extremely huge, in terms of the size of the land. In fact there weren’t just a single house, but 2 houses! During the tour I came across a BBQ area, and that was when I know that…if I chose to go to my best friend’s house again the next day, I’ll be in for a special event…

After touring the house, I was taken up to the living room, and I spent a good few hours hanging out with my best friend, her brother and one of her friend who happened to come along as well.

Luck have begun to turn on my favor when I joined everyone else in the monopoly game. Through pure luck, the die landed several times on chance cards that spewed out free cash, as if the die have landed on some bars of gold! At the height of the game, I was able to scrape up to an astronomical $2000+!!

Fast forwarding to the next day…there’s a family feast with Chinese foods, and that seems like it. But…no, the main course of this special event is approaching!

The Sun was already setting when the train approaches Ari station once again. Unlike Friday, I wasn’t greeted right away at the ticket gates. I decided to wait on the streets for some good minutes…

Then, out of the blue, a car pulls up and once I was greeted by my best friend’s family members. It was already getting quite dark when we pulled into her house.

While I waited for things to get set up, I was taken to wait first in the dining room/kitchen, and then to the downstairs living room (2 living rooms, seriously)? After some good minutes of waiting, it seems that things are ready, and we all went to join my best friend’s extended family. And that’s where the main course of the event begins…

The dinner on that day, as I mentioned in my earlier post, was just…amazing. Steaks, sausages, salmon…here’s where I really became appreciated at the degree of hospitality I was receiving. After dinner, we went inside to watch a film which featured songs authored by the late king. The film lasted 2 hours, and during that I was served 3 different kinds of cakes, and they all tasted amazing!

After the film we all went outside to prepare for the arrival of 2017. It was a great experience, and…most important of all, I got to witness the arrival of 2017 with my best friend! I’ve been wanting to spend the New Years eve with her for some time and…that dream has finally become a reality!

On my return to home, my heart was filled with joy and happiness. Though New Years eve this year I didn’t get to see fireworks, being able to spend time with someone who is so special to me is what makes this year so unique. But this also comes with a sad fact…my best friend will be going back to Finland very soon, and…thanks to tomorrow’s residential trip, I can’t drop her and say good-bye at the airport, as much as I would like to. From now, if my best case prevails, I’ll have to wait only 6 months before she returns to Bangkok again, which means some point in June or early July, as what she had told me. But if worst case prevails, I might not see her again until December, which is like…literally a whole year of waiting, but I hope that won’t be the case…

So…that’s pretty much an explanation, although simplified, as to why Christmas holiday this year was so special…dth degree of hospitality I received, being able to witness the arrival of 2017 with someone who is so special to me…you get the idea.

Anyways, that’s it for now…


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