First week of term…relatively easy

Hey guys;

So, the first week of term 2 has ended since Thursday. Overall it’s relatively easy, and smooth in most aspects.

Yeah, I’d say “most aspects” because…not everything goes smoothly! In fact only one thing that doesn’t go so smoothly…

Yep, I’m talking about add/drop. This term, I have to add/drop again, thanks to the fact that the teacher of the Elementary French I section that I registered in decided to include my name on the list of students to be transferred to another section! And…why do another section desperately needs to take students from the section I originally registered for? Well…it’s the fact that, in the other section, by the term’s start there were only like 2 students registered! Though the number of students registered did eventually increase, but the decision has been made…so I have to change section. And…guess what? I have to manually do it on the Sky system! This is like the same deal as last term! Come-on, this is like the fourth term in a row that I have to add/drop…I wanted an add/drop-free term! But thankfully, this term is nowhere as hellish as this very same term last year. Oh god, you won’t believe how much hell of a trouble I went through in order to get all of my classes. I have to go in and fill forms to request to add as an over-capacity student which means going around to different places and ask someone to help me fill in the form…come-on, that’s not cool at all.

In terms of other subjects…so far they’re not very difficult. Other than Macroeconomics, the contents are pretty much revision of IB Business Management, just that the course used different terminologies (I’m specifically referring to Fundamental Financial Accounting). But I’m quite certain that things will get more difficult as time goes by…Principles of Marketing project awaits, and…who knows what role I’ll be given by my team members…

Anyways, that’s it for now…


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