Some changes to the blog, and future plans

Hey guys;

So, I’m sure it’s been absolutely ages since I last posted anything about this blog. Well until now I didn’t really know what aspects of the blog I should change, but after going through the blog again this morning (Thailand time) I decided to make some changes.

Mainly, I’ve cleaned up the right sidebar. I’m sure, you’ve noticed that there are duplicate widgets on both sidebars. So I decided to remove widgets on the right sidebar that already exists on the left sidebar. I also removed the search widget, because I just found out that you can still activate the search box by clicking on the green icon on the main menu.

As for my future plans for the blog…I do have a major overhaul of the blog’s appearance planned in my head, but I haven’t decided as of yet when that will happen. For this major redesign, it will of course involve changing the whole theme, but I do need to see which theme is suitable, taking into account the compatibility of the blog’s user interface with screen reading software. Also a major redesign would take time, as by changing the theme itself I do most likely have to reconfigure the sidebar widgets again, which can be rather annoying and time consuming.

Also I do plan to replace the black header image. It’s now a bit over 100 days since the passing of H.M. The late King of Thailand and by now most people I know of on Facebook have reverted to colored profile photos and even the Bangkok Post website itself have reverted to colored interface. So it’s imperative that I do the same, although I do need to figure out which photo I’ll use for the header image.

Anyways, that’s it for now…


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