Some alternate scenarios using alternate history

Hey guys;

So, it’s been a month since my last post featuring alternate history. Well here’s another one, this one might feature several alternate scenarios based on alternate history, all of these of course relates to my life…

The first scenario is, what if the trolls campaigns never existed. This is a scenario that just caught my attention, when thinking back to the days of the trolls. As all the trolls campaigns are major events of my life, removing them significantly changes my life, particularly my high school life.

But before discussing this alternate scenario, I need to give you some context…

So, what exactly lead to the series of trolls campaigns (7 to be exact) that dominated much of my high school life? Well, from what I can remember vaguely, it all began on one ordinary day, during lunch break, sometime around October 2009. I can’t remember exactly what happened, but I do know that someone wrote something about me on the board in my tutor base with reference to a new girl that joined my year back then, and that sets off a chain of events that ultimately lead to the creation of the very first trolls campaign. The thing on the board itself wasn’t really that big of an issue, it was the fact that everyone seems to care so much about this kind of thing back then, and this eventually became the norm, and somehow I was the main victim. After this, 6 more trolls campaigns followed, culminating in the seventh trolls campaign, which, as I stated in my updated summary/timeline, was the only trolls campaign to feature multiple phases. The birth of this so called ‘trolls era’ also contributed to several dark moments of my high school life, such as the 6 February 2015 incident, the Facebook trolls/Windows Live Messenger trolls in the first half of 2012, and the crises from May 2013 to February 2015.

So, what’s changed in this alternate timeline? Well a lot. First, in order for the 7 trolls campaigns to not exist, the people who fanned the initial rumor must not take that rumor seriously. In this alternate timeline, the thing that was written on the board fails to attract much attention, and the spark for the trolls era was…pretty much left to die. Rumors might surface again during Valentines, but once again this was not taken seriously by people in my year in this alternate timeline.

So, as I just mentioned, a lot of things would be changed in this alternate timeline. Firstly, the 6 February 2015 incident would simply not occur. Secondly, though I still actively use Facebook and Windows Live Messenger (before it was replaced by Skype) in this alternate timeline, there was no rumor to feed the trolls so these online trolls would simply not exist. Also, just like the Facebook and Windows Live Messenger trolls, the trolls would not exist so there are no crises in this alternate timeline. The 1 April 2014 incident would, however, still occur so I would still get to know the year 7 girl that eventually became my best friend. In fact beyond the first 3-4 months of 2015 this alternate timeline would be pretty much identical to the real timeline. This means that events like the New Year’s party plus its starter the day before would still occur at exactly the same time. 2016 would still be a rather bad year as various setbacks like class registration issues, difficult than expected class assignments, low GPAs, failure to secure places on club trips, etc would still occur. What is changed is the memories of my high school life. Without these 7 trolls campaigns high school would have been looked back as a brighter, happier time than in the real timeline.

The next scenario is…what if the trolls applied to the same college as me. This is another scenario that also came to my attention recently. But once again before discussing this alternate scenario, I need to discuss some context…

In the real timeline the trolls era officially drew to a close after the graduation ceremony in June 2015. This is because the trolls, and virtually the whole class of 2015, were broken up, and everyone is scattered in various places across the globe for their university lives. By the time of the graduation ceremony most people have already got accepted into various universities in Asia, Europe, the US or Canada. Since all the trolls have gone somewhere, this meant that up until now university life has been a good time for me, free of annoying comments/rumors by the trolls.

So…let’s discuss what could have changed in this alternate timeline…the only way that the trolls could have realistically followed me to the same college is, they would need to not been accepted into universities they originally applied fore and that they would need to not participate in any clearing processes. This meant that they would have to either apply for a Thai university or reapply abroad again later in 2015.

In this alternate timeline, let’s say that all of that actually occur. It’s July 2015, and the trolls, after having their college offers withdrawn, are being confronted with 2 choices. Either apply for a Thai university which, by this point, Mahidol University International College (MUIC) would have been the only choice left as MUIC accepts applications in July, or reapply to universities abroad again later in the year. For the sake of this scenario, let’s say that the trolls can’t be bothered waiting another whole year so they decided to apply for MUIC.

So, what’s changed in this alternate timeline. Well…quite many things. Firstly the era of the trolls would have continued into the present day, and…who knows how many more trolls campaigns the trolls would have created. And since the New Year’s party plus its starter the day before would still occur and so my new Facebook profile photo featuring me and my inflatable Pegasus would still exist, the trolls, in this alternate timeline, would intensify their effort to destroy me by most likely reviving the seventh trolls campaign and enhance it with the information they got from my Facebook profile photo. Also in this alternate timeline, 2016 would have been worse than the real timeline simply because of all the annoyances the trolls could potentially cause. To summarize, in this alternate timeline university life would have been a much darker time compared to the real timeline.

So…there you go, 2 more alternate scenario based on the concept of alternate history…

Anyways, that’s it for now…

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