Happy Valentines Day

Roses are red,

Violets are blue.

Everytime I am alone I think about you,

I think back to when we first met in May 2014,

I think back to all the good times we had together at STA,

And I think back to the great fun we had a few months ago.

Without you my heart feels very empty,

Without you my heart becomes as dry as the desert sand,

Without you I feel very lonely.

On the surface I move on with my day-to-day life and duties,

I concentrate on my classes.

But deep in my heart I’m still waiting for you,

Waiting for you to return,

Waiting for the day we get to meet up again.

I am still waiting for you,

So please return to Thailand on your next holiday.

Hey guys;

Happy Valentines Day, I hope you do like my poem above. I’ve written that poem right from the bottom of my heart, and…just in case you don’t know, I’ve written the poem for my best friend, who is currently studying in Finland. I’ve decided to write a special poem for her because…she’s a special person for me and so deserves something special as a Valentines Day gift. I could have written a poem like this one as far back as 2015, but back then I wasn’t in the mood. Why? Because of the trolls! Yeah, the 6 February 2015 incident destroyed all of my mood for Valentines Day! I could also written a poem like the one above in 2016, but I either didn’t think about it or was too busy with university. Talking about Valentines Day gifts…back in 2015, before I graduated, I could have ordered roses for my best friend or asked her to order one for me as a Valentines Day gift (I still remember that some year 12 students set up rose ordering stalls during lunch time), but once again I failed to do that, because…the trolls decided that it would be fun to try and bring me down right before Valentines Day! But if I did asked my best friend to order roses for me, the trolls would have noticed it, and…the first phase of the seventh trolls campaign would have been revived. Why? Because of the roses! Yes, the trolls do have the capability to use Valentines Day roses as an evidence to support their rumor! Were this to happen, I’m sure between then and study leave I would have been bombarded by trolls constantly, and things would get a lot worse if the trolls managed to spread their rumor to students in other years, particularly pupils in year 8 and then the rumor would immediately got out of control.

Anyways, that’s it for now…I hope all of you have a great and wonderful Valentines Day today.

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