Looking back at the history of my blog

Hey guys;

So, last night while I was sleeping, something came up in my head. How old is this blog? So…to find out, a while ago I decided to try and browse through the archives of the blog.

What I discovered is that this blog is just a little over 6 years old. But that’s based on the earliest posts found in my archive, not the earliest post on this WordPress blog. Yeah, the earliest posts on this blog dates back to the old BlogBaker and Blogger blogs! And how do they got here? Well I’ve imported them somehow! First they’re somehow imported into my Blogger blog, and when I moved to WordPress, I imported posts from my Blogger blog, which contain posts imported from my BlogBaker blog.

So, after scanning a few more dates in the archive and actually having to visit my old Blogger blog to find out when was the very last post on that blog, I discovered that this WordPress blog was actually created in May of 2013, or rather, started being used actively since May 2013 as I think I might have created this blog way back earlier, but haven’t pay much attention to it. Yeah, the blog migration took place during one of the most unpleasant times in my high school life; the ask.fm spam crisis and the last phase of my IGCSE exam; plus the passing of one of my friends took place a few days after this blog went live with posts. Talking about a bad timing…

So…to summarize, based on the date of which this blog went live with posts, the blog is actually a little under 4 years old. But if based on the oldest post found in my archives, this blog would actually be a little over 6 years old.

So…yeah, I guess that’s it for now…


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