New header image at last!

Hey guys;

So, the 4 months of solid, black header image is now over. Though the official mourning period is still on-going, let’s face it…most people have reverted to colored photos for their Facebook cover and profile photos and major Thai news sites like Bangkok Post have reverted to colored interface some time ago.

Due to this, I decided that…it’s time to update the header image of my blog, and…here it is. The header image is the top half of my beloved inflatable Pegasus. The photo was taken at my dorm. I’ve previously tried to put the whole image, but that resulted in a header image that is too large. I could resize the image down, but that would make the image too blurry/pixelated.

I’ve decided to choose this photo because…let’s face it, by posting videos about my inflatable toys on Youtube I’ve pretty much revealed my long-kept secret to the whole world, so…there’s no reason to hide it from visitors to my blog anymore…

The header image of my website, however, will remain black until I could figure out a new header image to replace it. I could, however, revert the header image to the image I used before the previous Thai King passed away.

Anyways, that’s it for now…


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