Change of major is over…

Hey guys;

Remember my references to change of major in my various posts? Well as of now this has actually taken place! Although things are not fully completed yet as my GPA has to be calculated again and there are still some oddities on the Sky system, overall things looked complete. I’m able to search for business courses, and some courses that aren’t permitted under my old major can now be searched, namely Fundamental Mathematics, Fundamental Chemistry and Fundamental Physics, as well as a host of other courses.

So, all did the whole process went? Well as expected, doing something of this magnitude isn’t going to be easy, or quick either. First I have to fill in the change of major request form on Sky. That sounds simple enough as there are only like 2 fields that I have to fill in…

Right, I’ve filled them in, what do I do? Of course hit the submit button! Great, now I’ve filled in the change of major form! But wait right there…

Now comes the fun part! Collecting signatures, filling in additional details (including the reason, I don’t get it why can’t the reason just be copied from Sky), etc…bureaucracy stuff…it seems that mankind just can’t really get rid of paperwork, even though we’re destroying rainforests and pumping tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere every year…by doing paperwork we’re indirectly supporting those logging companies out there in the Amazon…

But…wait, there’s even more to this change of major process. I talked to the program director of international business last term and I was told that changing to this major was no problem. So this whole process should be completed in 2 or 3 weeks, right? Wrong! Once again paperwork and bureaucracy is what consumed the most time; I even have to chase staff at the Office of Academic Affairs twice about change of major!

Oh, what about transfering courses? Well it should also be simple, right? I got B for Statistics last term, and I passed my forced mathematics course. Wrong! Well actually, this matter was complicated by one thing. And…guess what that damn one thing is? That damn one thing is the fact that I got a D+ for Principle Mathematics 2 terms ago and the minimum grade that could be transferred is a C! And…why did I got a D+? Because it’s the year 2016! But I got almost perfect scores on both of the quizzes and attendance + homework, so how come I ended up with a D+? Well since this was 2016 the teachers decided to make both the midterm and the final exams as hard as possible. And…what’s the result of this whole mess? I have to take Fundamental Mathematics next term. As this course is suppose to be a course for first year student, it is highly likely that the classroom would be pretty much full of first year students and I would be the only second year student (especially second year students who joined the same term as me) in the room. 2016, you have no idea how much I hate you. You’ll always be remembered, throughout my whole life, as one of the worst years ever. You brought me misfortune again and again, 2016. The fact that you gave me an opportunity to spend a good number of hours during the last 2 days of the year with my best friend didn’t really make up for all the troubles you brought upon me….thinking about 2016 really makes me want to rip the pages with all the dates and months of 2016 off a calendar and toss them into a bonfire!

So, after having all forms and paperwork filled in, what happens next? Nothing. It’s the usual long wait for the request to take affect, and…as of now it did. And I’m glad that it did finally took affect as I could start thinking about adding environmental science as a minor.

Anyways, that’s it for now…


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