Transition term has ended

Hey guys;

So, after 12 long weeks (or should I say, short weeks as each week of study lasted for 4 days instead of 5 days), the second term of the 2016-17 academic year, the so called ‘transition term’, has drawn to a close, with only the final exams left to deal with next week.

Wait, why is this term called the ‘transition term’? Well…you may want to refer to some of my earlier posts for the answer. But I know that you all hated reading through long posts or use the search function, or don’t know what keywords to put into the search box (as I never created any tags or categories), I’ll say it again.

This term is called the ‘transition term’ because it’s the term where I change my major, from computer science to international business. Pretty much all the subjects I took this term can be moved to the new major. And as of now the transition is largely completed, on the Sky’s profile page it now says ‘international business’ instead of ‘computer science’, and I can search for courses that I previously wouldn’t be able to, such as business courses and some general education courses.

In terms of difficulty, I must say that this term, compared to the last 2 terms, is relatively easy. Although I got 57.7 out of 100 during the Fundamental Financial Accounting midterm, that is mainly because I messed up (or should I say, I skipped a large chunk of a question worth 30 marks). And unlike the past 2 terms, I don’t have to withdraw from any classes, because the midterm scores are high enough to make me feel confident of getting a higher grade. And I think I truly can push the grade up; take Statistics last term, for example. I got a rather low score on the midterm and the first quiz, but managed to push the grade up to a B. This term 2 of the 3 subjects that do have midterm exams I got scores that, if converted to grades, is in the upper bound of C+ which means if I push somewhat harder, I could theoretically push the grade up to a B or a B+, provided that I don’t mess up in other components like the assignments (Macroeconomics) or the group project (Principle Marketing). However by not withdrawing a class the prospect of getting a bad grade that will drag my GPA down still looms (Fundamental Financial Accounting is on my watch list of ‘potential GPA reducer’).

In terms of class registration, this term there were very little problem, as it has been for the past 2 terms. Yeah, the days of queuing a section and/or filling in forms to be registered above the class’s capacity are the thing of the past! Although this is the 4th term in a row that I have to add/drop, but it’s relatively painless compared to this exact term last year.

Perhaps the easiest subject for me this term up until now is Elementary French I. Yeah, I literally blown through the 2 quizzes and the oral exam with ease, thanks to the fact that I took French AB Initio for my IB Diploma Program. Now, I think I’ll most likely get an A, unless if I mess up the final exam, E.G if I run out of time and so didn’t go through my answers the second time or I screw up the listening part and that part carries a lot of marks. But…I think getting an A is very realistically possible…

In terms of the change of major process, the process is…I should say, long and rather annoying. It’s long because it took like over a month for the whole thing to be completed, and it’s annoying in a way that I have to run around and collect signatures. Oh and there’s that little ghost from the so called ‘term of terror’ that is still waiting to get me and it did, by showing up at possibly the worst possible time – that is, when dealing with transferring courses…

Wait, why is there a so called ‘term of terror’ and what’s this ghost thing? Well guys, to answer those questions, I’m going to take you on a ride in a time machine, so fasten your seat belts…the date on the destination screen has been set to April 25th, 2016, and I just pressed the go button.

April 25th, 2016 was the start of the third term of the 2015-16 academic year. For this term 2 of the subjects I took was Principle Mathematics and Introduction to Computer Programming. Hmmm, didn’t sound too bad, right? After all they’re required courses. Being freshened up from my glorious GPA of 3.67 the previous term, I was now hungry for even more academic glory.

First week passed, I got my first programming assignment. Hmmm, didn’t sound too bad, and I managed to finish it with little trouble. The resulting score of 41.x out of 60 wasn’t too bad either. So hopefully I’ll be able to obtain the academic glory I was dreaming for…

But as it’s 2016, things seem to always turn for the worst. After a relatively easy first 2 weeks, the torture began. From the third week on, I began spending countless hours on the programming assignment, and my score started to go downhill. But on the math side, things are still looking pretty bright…

Skipping forward some more weeks, and things only got worse. Spending hours on the programming assignment became the norm, and I found myself stressed out all the time. Meanwhile the first Principle Mathematics quiz came. Skipping forward a little more, and the results are in. I got 18.x out of 20. Hmmm, still sounds good. Maybe I could at least get a glorious math grade this term…

But that hope of glory soon were dashed. It’s early June, the midterm exams time. I had 3 exams in a row. Yeah, I had 3 exams on 3 separate days but they were like right after one another! The Principle Mathematics exam was to prove a final blow to my hope of academic glory.

Skipping forward again a few weeks, and the results are in. I got 14.xx out of 30. What, 14.xx out of 30? Really? No way! The moment I saw the fresh score that my teacher sent me my hopes for glory instantly vanished.

A few weeks more, and the second quiz came. I got 17.x out of 20. Hey, maybe there’s still hopes of getting a good, if not glorious, grade, and also I got almost perfect score for homework and attendance. And by this time, after getting a boiled egg for my programming midterm (yeah, you read it, I got a 0), I decided that enough is enough. Since I knew that the mine is about to collapse I used the escape rope and literally escaped out of it (I.E, I pushed the withdraw button next to the name of the programming class on Sky).

But the good score I got for Principle Mathematics second quic and the almost perfect score on homework and attendanceĀ  were to prove fruitless in bringing my overall score up. The final exam came, and the exam proved to be just as difficult as ever.

After that came the summer holiday. After coming back from Hua Hin in early August, I logged into Sky to check for my grade…

Oh, what happened to my once glorious GPA? instead of some cool, glorious numbers I saw something like 3.2x on the screen. Hmmm, what could have caused this kind of number to appear? Let’s go into the ‘grade report by term’ section to find out…

Ah, I found out why! A D+ had been stamped on one of my courses, and it is none other than…Principle Mathematics! And this is where we end our trip and return to the present…

And…yeah, that ‘little ghost’ I was referring to is that D+ for Principle Mathematics! But why does it matter when transferring courses? Well the D+ grade meant that I can’t transfer over Principle Mathematics, which means that next term I have to take Fundamental Mathematics! But at least I was allowed into my new major, so I’ll accept that…

Anyways, let’s move on to the non-academic side…in terms of club activities and other non-academic activities, the only ones that I was able to participate are the ones that were conducted on campus. Yeah, this is the third term in a row that I wasn’t able to get a place on any club trips! 2 terms ago I couldn’t go on a club trip in early June due to conflicts with a midterm exam (Principle Mathematics is to blame), last term I wasn’t able to go on a club trip in early October because of a glitch while registering, and…this term I wasn’t able to go on a club trip in early February simply because I pressed the submit button a bit too slowly! On top of that, throughout this past 3 terms I wasn’t able to secure places on trips with another club too. Talking about bad luck…it may have been since March last year that I went on any club trips. Oh, and I must not forget, that the only reason that I was able to go on that trip last year is because someone dropped out at the very last minute!

Looking forward to next term…it will be the first full term under my new major. On the academic side, I’ll be taking 4 subjects again. But for which subjects I still haven’t finalize out my decision. I prefer 4 subjects because, if something goes terribly wrong, I can still hit that withdraw button next to the name of the troubling class. Of course I’ll have to take Elementary French II and Fundamental Mathematics, but for the remaining 2 subjects I still have yet to decide. I could go for a free elective, a business course (if I’m allowed to do so), or Health Education (not so good as I wouldn’t be able to withdraw from any class). General Geology is what I want to take as free elective, but for strategic reasons I’m not going to take it next term. And once again, I wish to maintain my GPA at or above 3.00.

On the non-academic front…club trips are expected, but I’ve pretty much given up hope on them already. Being unable to go on any of them for 3 consecutive terms is just too much for me to bear. What’s the point of rushing back to my computer, fill in an online form, only to discover later that my name wasn’t on the list of people going on a trip? What’s the point of filling in a form, go upstairs to the computer lab, waste someone’s time by asking him/her to help print out the form, hand it in, only to find out later that I wasn’t selected for the specified trip? Of course I’ll attempt to sign up for these trips…but if this pattern continues on for 1 or 2 more terms, I’ll probably give up trying to register for these trips altogether.

Oh wait, what about the so called ‘unexpected events’ or ‘perfect/special trip’? Hmmm, interesting. Maybe one will occur, maybe none will occur, I don’t know. I hope the so called ‘perfect/special trip’ will occur, but instincts told me that there will be none. And if you want to find out what I mean by ‘perfect’ or ‘special’, please read my earlier posts for clues (the Valentines Day post will pretty much give you lots of clues already).

Anyways, that’s it for now…


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