Several ways to navigate the blog

Hey guys;

This is a rather important post, so please read carefully…

There are several ways to navigate around this blog. The 3 main methods are: The navigation menu, the sitemap, and the pages list on the right sidebar.

Navigation menu

This method works best on mobile, as the pages widget seems to be pushed towards the bottom, which means that you would have to scroll through posts. On desktops and laptops, all the links are present right away. For screen reader users, to access the articles posted as sub pages of the main articles page, you need to command your screen reader to move the mouse to the link to the main articles page.

Note: This method might not always be available, this is totally dependent on the theme I applied; some themes have navigation menus, some don’t…I don’t know why, but…yeah.


This is also a relatively easy method to navigate to various pages on this blog, as in the sitemap page links to different pages will be displayed. This is also the most accessible as screen reader users can just use the standard web navigation commands.

Note: If a theme that I applied doesn’t have a navigation menu, I’ll most likely create a custom menu containing only the link to the sitemap, so you don’t have to scroll all the way through posts (I’m specifically referring to the mobile version of the blog).

The pages sidebar widget

This method is also the most accessible as screen reader users can use the standard web navigation/reading commands to navigate, and also doesn’t depend on the navigation menu, which means that if a theme doesn’t have a navigation menu, this won’t be much of an issue. However on mobiles you’ll definitely have a hard time getting to this widget as you’ll have to scroll through long posts.

4 Replies to “Several ways to navigate the blog”

  1. Hey Supanut2000, I really appreciate you commenting on my theme. I am currently using the free version until I purchase the upgrade version for my blog. If you have any questions related to the blog or other inquiries, let me know. 🙂


    1. What’s the name of the theme you’re using? I think the theme looks really cool and I would like to give it a try on my blog and see how it performs.


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