Some minor changes to the blog

Hey guys;

If you’ve been actively visiting my blog for the past couple days, you would have noticed that the blog’s appearance changes quite often, and also recently you’ll start seeing some sort of a hyperlink next to the date. Today I’ll explain what I’ve been doing to this blog for the past days.

Let’s start with the new hyperlinks…these were tags. I decided to start using them in hopes of drawing in more visitors. I realized that, throughout the history of this blog, there were no tags at all! Yep, none of those 280+ posts have tags!

So, what I did? Well I did go back and add some tags, but…let me be clear. I’ll not go back and add tags to every single of them; there’s just too many posts to go through.

This brings us to the appearance of the blog…

So, right after I implemented the tags, I noticed that the way that tags are displayed is not quite what I wanted, so I decided to try out with a good number of themes, but none seems to fit my exact needs either. Some displayed tags in a way I want, but lacks other issues like navigation menu or the content area is too narrow, etc. Today I tried again with yet more themes, but none also seems to satisfy my needs so I’m reverting back to the theme I used right before I implemented tags.

Also some other changes…

Say “Hello” to sitemap. Yep, this blog now has a functioning sitemap! The link to it is accessible both from the main menu and the pages widget on the right sidebar.

Screen reader users who don’t quite like having to get the program to move the mouse to the main articles page will like the sitemap. All the pages are displayed in a standard list that screen readers can recognize. So now you can just use the standard web navigation commands to get to each of the pages! In addition, I’ve added a sticky post right on the top of the content area, which basically explains how you can navigate around the site.

So…yeah, I guess that’s it for now…sitemap,blog appearance,theme,tags,screen readers


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