Some of my high school residential trip diaries

Hey guys;

Today, I’ll present to you diaries from some of my high school residential trips. I actually still have diary entries from more residential trips, but I didn’t put them together into a single diary, so I thought I share with you all the ones that I currently have as a complete diary.

All of the diaries below are hosted on Google Drive, and are in .PDF format. Screen reader users shouldn’t have much problem, as long as you’re using Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, which is available to download for free. The diaries are arranged according to when the trip occurred, with the oldest one coming first.





Note: If you want to download them, click or press the enter key on the pop out button, which will open the file in a new window/tab, where you’ll get the option to download the file. NVDA users may need to go into the focus mode in order to activate the download button. To do this just press the insert key plus the space bar key. Also the pop out button may show a different label, depending on your language and location of Google.

I hope you’ll like my diaries!


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