New theme for the blog, and a very important change to the blog’s UI

Hey guys;

To read the full post, please either click on the post title or the ‘continue reading’ button. This applies to all posts, effective today.

Why do I have to write that message up top? Well it’s to highlight the most significant change to the blog’s UI, and that’s where I’ll discuss first.

The change I’m talking about is that, from now on only a few lines of the post will be displayed on the main page. Originally I resisted against this change, but thinking it over again, I decided that displaying the excerpt instead of the full post is a better option as it makes the front page less cluttered and on mobiles it makes navigation a lot easier as readers won’t have to scroll through long posts.

Now, on to the new theme…

So, I’ve decided to change the theme of the blog again. The earlier theme was nice (I like the color scheme), but I think texts are a bit hard to read. This new theme however has a pure white background and a black text, which should make it easier to read. I know recently I changed my blog’s theme very often…but it seems that none of the available themes were able to satisfy my exact needs…

So…yeah, I guess that’s it for now…


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