What if 2016 was a great year

Hey guys;

So, it’s a good while since I last posted alternate scenarios of my life based on the concept of alternate history, so I think it’s good to create another one…

Like what the title says, this scenario is simple. What if 2016 was, instead of a bad and horrible year, a great and amazing year instead. The scenario that will be discussed is based on what actually happened in the real timeline. And…of course, this is all about me. This scenario will assume that external events that are beyond my control, you know like Brexit, the passing of the late King Rama IX of Thailand, the Brussels terrorist attack, etc still occurs.

Before discussing the scenario, we first need to catch up on what actually happened in 2016, in case if you’re new to this blog and didn’t managed to read the archives.

2016 was, in my opinion, a bad and horrible year because of various setbacks. The first major setback was class registration issues for term 2 of the 2015-16 academic year. To vastly over simplify…places in key classes like Math and English went very fast like wildfire, resulting in me having to add/drop. Worse, as the sections I want or have to take are full, I have to go and request to be added as an extra student above the normal capacity. But luckily enough I got things sorted within the add/drop period.

The second setback came just 2 months later, when I attempted to register for a club trip that ran from March 11th to March 12th. Long story short…just like class registration, places on this club trip ran out like crazy but since there’s no add/drop my dream of having a residential trip in 2016 fall into disarray. But luckily about a week before the trip I was informed that someone has dropped out of the trip, which means that I was then able to go. and the result was…I did get a residential trip that I deserve…

The third setback was…a big one, the third term of the 2015-16 academic year, or…better known as the ‘term of terror’. Class registration was no longer an issue as I was allowed to register in advance, though I still have to add/drop because 1 subject that I registered for closed down at the very last minute. At first things looked bright, but then the tables turned. To over simplify things again…Introduction to Computer Programming assignments became incredibly tough which pushed my brain to its absolute limit to the point that I have to withdraw from the class, then came the Principles of Mathematics midterm which was extremely hard and resulted in a terrible score. Ultimately this term left my GPA in a worrying shape, a sharp fall from 3.67 to 2.83.

The next setback was…the inability to secure places on club trips. This actually began during the last term of the 2015-16 academic year, and continued…well up into the second term of this academic year. Long story short…I filled in registration forms and submitted them properly, but for some reason I wasn’t selected and…this left me with the second year in a row that I had just 1 residential trip.

The final major setback was the first term of this academic year. Registration was once again not an issue, so was the add/drop. But like the previous term, things seem to look bright but then it all went downhill. Very long story short…I was faced with pop quizzes which I was not prepared for, coupled with hard Principles of Physics assignments (but easier than Introduction to Computer Programming assignments), all of this combined with external events that were beyond my control…made the term especially terrible, and I was left with a horrible GPA of 2.50. and…ultimately a year without the Halloween Carnival. The only relieve was the December 30th-31st New Years party at my best friend’s house.

Now that you have a rough idea of what happened, let’s get to the real discussion…

So, what’s changed in this alternate 2016? Well basically what I faced in the real timeline still occurs, only that the outcome is pretty much the opposite of what happened in the real timeline, for most events. The club trip in March, although in the real timeline I managed to go, but as I said it was only because someone dropped out. However in this alternate timeline my name was on the list of people who were confirmed as going on the trip when the list was first posted, and so all the anxiety/disappointment following the trip registration didn’t occur.

In the real timeline, as I told you earlier, class registration for term 2 of the 2015-16 academic year was a nightmare. In this alternate timeline, places for key subjects like Math and English don’t fill up fast and I was able to register for all of my classes, so no add/drop needed.

As I mentioned term 3 of the 2015-16, in the real timeline, was a terrible term. In this alternate timeline, simply the assignments for Introduction to Computer Programming don’t get so tough so fast and I was able to cope with the gradual increase in difficulty. Also the midterm exam for Principles of Mathematics in this alternate timeline was not very hard, and so in this alternate timeline I got a good score. As for what score I would have got, it’s hard to tell, but around 23-24 out of 30 is reasonably good enough. Also in this alternate timeline since I’m doing good for my Introduction to Computer Programming assignments, I didn’t withdraw from the class. The ultimate result is a nice GPA, in the 3.xx region. Thus the success from the programming class has, in this alternate timeline, encouraged me to continue to study Computer Science.

As for the other club trips…simply, in this alternate timeline I managed to secure places on all of them. This means that instead of just 1 residential trip for the whole year, I had at least 4 residential trips, including 2 big ones – one lasting 4 nights and the other I think 9 nights. However this means that I wouldn’t have been able to attend the Songkran celebration and the Christmas fair and concert at STA because these 2 events overlap the residential trips.

In this alternate timeline, as term 3 of the 2015-16 academic year was not bad, the first term of this academic year was not bad either. In this alternate timeline assignments and exams for the Principles of Physics class weren’t very hard, and instead of pop quizzes for Western Classical Ideal there are just regular quizzes – teacher tells the class the exact date of which the quiz is to take place. This means that when the quiz came, I’m better prepared and so the results are good, or at least, acceptable by my standards. As Western Classical Ideal was a tough class in itself, whether in this alternate timeline I would have withdrawn from this class is hard to tell, but given that all quizzes are announced, it is possible that the scores I get would be enough to at least get me a D+ or a C. Ultimately the first term of this academic would see a somewhat lower GPA than the previous term, but at best, the GPA would be in the lower 3.xx region. At worst 2.8x or 2.9x. However in this alternate timeline, the December 30th-31st New Years party at my best friend’s house still occurs and so I would assume that everything, including food and etc, would be the same as in the real timeline.

As I mentioned earlier, this alternate 2016 assumes that all external events that are beyond my control still occurs so this means that there would still be no Halloween Carnival as the carnival would still fall within the official mourning period. Whether this scenario is realistic, I’d say not totally as some of the changes would have mean that the course content/course schedule be significantly different from the real timeline, the Intermediate English Communication I course was significantly harder to the point that fewer students passed so there was no rush for places in the Intermediate English Communication II course, and…a good deal of magic. Also this alternate 2016 assumes that I put in the same level of effort as in the real timeline.

So…yeah, I guess that’s it for now…

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