Minor tweak to the blog’s appearance

Hey guys;

So, another post less than 24 hours after my last post…

For the past week or so, you may have noticed some minor change to the blog. I’ve tweaked the appearance of this blog somewhat, but the biggest change that you’ll notice is the addition of a live chat and RSS links in the footer, and…just moments ago, the change in the blog’s background color.

I’ve decided to add a live chat because I figure out it’d be a faster way for visitors to communicate. So now you can instantly send a message, and I’ll most likely see it. However to prevent spam you’re required to sign in using Facebook, which I’m sure all of you should have. The live chat is powered by tlk.io, a free live chat service.

I also added the RSS links, so that you can subscribe to my blog’s RSS feeds using your feed reader. You can either subscribe to posts or comments.

Lastly, I decided to change the background color of the blog. I chose…light blue, because…well, blue is my favorite color. Since the color is light, texts and links should still be readable.

So…yeah, I guess that’s it for now…


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