The story of my blog

Hey guys;

So, this month officially marks 4 years since I actually started posting directly on this blog. Although my blog itself is nearly 7 years old, but literally all posts during its early years came from my older blogs. As this year marks the 7th birthday of this blog, I decided to share a story about this blog, how it came to be, and…why I started blogging in general, going back even before this blog exists.

The very, very first blog that I came across was a blog that my year 6 class used for the exhibition project back in 2008. Back then, although everyone was given access to the admin panel, I didn’t really know how to operate the platform. In fact back then I didn’t even know that it’s powered by WordPress.

Since then, the dream of publishing my own content online started. I realized that if students as young as my age were able to publish contents freely online, then I can as well. It was back then that I began to realize that web publishing is not really limited to those that have expensive web hosts and know how to create websites from scratch. I tried several times to create a blog of some sort, but never succeeded as I was back then quite young and don’t know how the blogging platform works.

In 2009 I decided that I would like to have somewhere to publish my own thoughts and content, and so my very first blog was born, but once again the problem of not knowing how the blog software works the blog was left inactive for months until I by some miracle figured things out. But the blog back then was less than satisfactory, and posts back then were rather poorly written.

I then decided to create an entirely new account and so with it a new blog, in late 2010, and that’s when this blog was born. But back then my interest in blogging was not so strong, plus I still don’t know how to use properly, and so this blog was left inactive for like over a year.

While I was experimenting with a free forum hosting, I came across a blogging platform, called BlogBaker. I decided to give it a try, and quite loved it. It was then that I fully learn how to properly publish posts, and how the whole blogging engine actually works. It was then, that I began to blog actively about my life, and the very first end-of-year summary that I can remember, the 2011 wrap-up summary was published. It was also this time that I began classifying events, splitting them into 2 main categories; the best events and the worst events. It was also during this time that I began to take events, like residential trips and school activities, more seriously as an important asset in my life.

Later on, I began having some weird issues with BlogBaker, so I decided to try a new blogging platform. I found Blogger, and give it a try, and found that it worked quite good. I decided to import all my posts from the BlogBaker blog into my new Blogger blog, and began posting through Blogger from that point. By this time blogging has become an important aspect of my life.

I used Blogger for about a year, until sometime in May of 2013 once again I began having some issues and so decided to find a new blogging platform. One thing that crossed my mind is, I still have a account and a blog. So I decided to go back to and revive this blog, by importing posts from my Blogger blog. I discovered that the admin interface is much simpler to use, and worked really well. With that, I settled on as my new blogging platform, and this has remained true to this day.

Since then, this blog continues to grow and evolve, including a few major design overhauls and the addition of some new features and readjustments to existing ones.

So, why do I blog after all? The simple answer is, I wanted to publish my own thoughts and content. I want people to hear my voice and thoughts, and I want to have a diary of my life that would last for decades or more, and would still be there even after I die. Although creating Microsoft Word documents with my thoughts will do, I feel that…it’s better to put my thoughts up somewhere that people can find publically, and also somewhere safe and so online blog was chosen.

Looking into the future…this blog will, of course, continue to be an important asset for me as blogging has now become an important part of my life. October 2020 will officially be the 10th birthday of this blog, and I might plan something special to celebrate the occasion…

So…yeah, I guess that’s it for now.


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