Storytime: My Nerdy Secondary School Years

This reminds me of my high school years. Even now, to be honest, I really miss my high school years, especially the long residential trips that I was guaranteed a spot on virtually all the time. As mentioned in my earlier posts or somewhere else that I can’t remember, until now I still can’t really cope with the fact that trips that aren’t related to a subject are no longer guaranteed assets; instead of just simply saying yes and pay the fees I actually have to compete with others.

Kate Jones

Recently, my 16-year-old sister was talking about how fast a whole year has passed since she started revising for her GCSE exams. It reminded me of how it’s been nearly five years since I left my 11-16 state comprehensive secondary school – a place which played a great role in the development of my personality and my interests. With this in mind, plus the fact I’m now finishing my degree, I’ve decided to have a reminisce and tell you all about my experiences as an awkward teenager!

Other people who were in my year group at secondary school might have a different perception of what I was like when I was at school, but from my perspective, I felt I was one of the nerdy ones in my year. I was quite academic and did well in the core subjects at school and, in line with a lot of studious…

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