A quarter of the term has gone by

Hey guys;

Time really flies, huh? Yes it really does. Although today is a holiday and there’s class tomorrow, the third week of this term is practically over, which means that I’m now 1/4 of the way through this term. The first midterm exam is coming, on June 2nd, which is roughly 3 weeks away, and the second one, which happens to be the last midterm exam, immediately follows on June 3rd, and…unluckily enough, it’s math…

So far, in terms of classes…they’re not so difficult. For instance, the topics I studied so far in Fundamental Mathematics are still the same as what I’ve studied in Principles of Mathematics class this very term last year. As for Introduction to International Studies…things are still looking good, although since 3 classes (including today) are canceled like in a row, it’s difficult to tell how difficult the class really is, but I’m very happy that I finally got the necessary chapters of the textbook in electronic format, which means that very soon I can start reading up for the midterm (I’ll rely on the textbook because the lecture slides that my teacher gave is too few in details). As for Elementary French II…things are still looking good, hopefully I can get a B+ (an A would be good, but I’m not totally counting on that). And finally Business Communication…so far things are still going good, as I mentioned this class is like an English course but designed for use in the business world.

Compared to this very same term last year at the very same period of time (end of week 3), this term is a cake walk. I still remember, this very same time last year I was already torturing myself with the second Introduction to Computer Programming assignment which is a lot, and I really mean a lot, harder than the first assignment. As time goes by, I’ll see how much harder each subject will become…

Oh, so Fundamental Mathematics is basically…Principles of Mathematics but without trigonometry. So that means I can just power through the course and get a B or a B+ with ease, right? Well maybe, maybe not. There’s partial derivatives and derivative of logarithmic and exponential functions waiting down the road…and there’s some other topics that I either don’t think I’ve learned in Principles of Mathematics course or I did but forgotten already…

Since Business Communication is basically an English course but designed for business use, and given that my English is so good (I got like 7.x for my IELTS and I was able to do English Literature at higher level for my IB Diploma), I should be able to power through this course with ease, right? Well I don’t think so. There’s a project to be done as I mentioned, and…although the final exam may consist of both writing texts and correcting texts (emails, memos, etc), but to get full marks I’m sure I have to take care of every single little details, you know things like punctuation, subject – verb agreement, word choices, etc…these little details are the things that I often overlooked, even when I did my English essays.

Oh wait, I forgot something. That is…the non-academic side of this first 3 weeks…

In terms of non-academic stuff, nothing exciting really, except the fact that I’ve signed up for a club trip that is suppose to take place next week (Saturday, May 20th to Sunday, May 21st). So far I heard nothing yet, and…not sure if the list of people that were chosen has been posted without me knowing, I.E I didn’t get a notification of a new post, or the trip has been canceled, or the organizers are waiting for more people to sign up, or whatever…if nothing has been posted in the upcoming days, I’ll assume that the trip has been canceled. But as I mentioned I don’t really feel like caring much about this kind of trip…since the chance of me going on these trips is already low given recent experiences.

So, knowing that I’ll most likely not be able to go on the trip, I decided to compensate for the lack of photos and videos this month by artificially creating events, I.E turning small things into events. Based on the criteria I posted back in January, for anything to be an event that I can write about or make movies about, it just needs to involve people and neesd to be a good experience for me, and the people involve must not be people from my family. This means that…practically anything, even things as small as playing with kids in the swimming pool at my dorm, for as long as no one from my family is involved, counts.

So…yeah, that’s pretty much it for now guys…


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