As if the week was over already…

Hey guys;


So, I thought that the week was over already, but…it’s not totally over. Although today I had just 1 class, but there are still other updates, mostly on the non-academic side. So let’s get to those…

First, some good news regarding club activities. There’ll be 3 club activities this month, although they’ll be under the Rakkaew club, not the 2 other clubs I joined (Nature Lovers Club and Volunteers Club), and the very first one is going to happen already next Wednesday. Though there is a registration process, I don’t know how participants are selected for this Rakkaew Club activitiy, same goes for the other activities under the Rakkaew Club. But from the club’s first meeting today, I can tell that the club has a somewhat more open atmosphere, and participants can even suggest ideas for club projects, which is really nice. On the downside, virtually most, if not all, activities of the Rakkaew Club are conducted on or near the campus, so trips to somewhere far away is not likely.

Now, let’s get to the bad news (or rather, the usual pattern of results)…yep, I’m talking about a club trip that was suppose to take place next weekend. Like previous 2 terms, I wasn’t selected. Very predictable, huh? I actually predicted that I won’t be selected based on recent statistics, and…I was right! It seems to me that this year will be the third year in a row that I’ll have only 1 residential trip…

The most annoying, and perhaps the most infuriating thing is, I wasn’t selected, even though I managed to get the form submitted after like 1 minute of it being posted. Last term it was just after 2 minutes, or maybe a little bit more or less. I’m quite sure that no one on this world is fast enough to submit an online registration form within 30 seconds without making any mistakes in any of the required fields. I can remember clearly, last year when signing up for the Pattaya trip in March it took more than a minute, and even more than 5 minutes, for me to submit the form and I was placed on the very top of the waiting list. But this term I’ve managed to submit the form within the first minute of it being posted and my name was nowhere to be seen, not even on a waiting list! Not sure what’s going on, either there are people who used bots to help fill out and submit the form for them, or the selection process has changed. In any case, the fact that I failed to secure places on club trips so many times is really depressing, and right now giving up trying to register for these trips in the future is a real possibility, and…I really, really mean it. Why should I waste my time and energy registering if I will not be selected? One theory that comes to my mind is that I was being intentionally left out of these trips, for whatever stupid reason and that people are conspiring to make sure that I don’t get a chance to go on these trips again. But the true reason as for why I don’t get selected will certainly remain a mystery as the entire selection process happens behind the scene. I’m not sure how many times I’ve failed to secure places on club trips, maybe 5 or 6, maybe more than 10 now, and…I really, really want this to change. It had actually been a little over a year since I went on any club trips, and it had been since January that I went on any non-family trips in general! Why am I such an unlucky man? Why things like this has to always happen to me? Why am I always the one that’s being left out of club trips, even though I registered?

To be honest, so far 2017 is not much different from 2016. Setbacks are still the norm; the only relief is that my academic performance has started to improve, but even that, too, might not last throughout the year.

So…yeah, I guess that’ll be it for now…


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