Some changes to the blog

Hey guys;

This post is just to highlight some of the key changes I made to the blog.

The most visible change you’ll find is that the post about navigating this blog is no longer on the top of the page. I decided to instead add a menu link that will take you to the category where the post can be found instead. This is also a way to make sure that in the future, if I have any important information to communicate, I won’t have to stick them to the top of the page again; they’ll just be in a single, dedicated section.

Another change you may have noticed for some time is that the live chat widget is now gone. I decided to remove it because…it’s not being used at all.

In addition to those 2 big changes, there are also smaller changes, mainly in the sidebar. Some widgets were rearranged, some were removed, for example the social links widget and the follow button. In the case of social links, I removed the sidebar widget because it’s essentially the same as the social icons on the top menu in the header. For the follow button, I removed it because a similar follow button already exists, and if you’re logged in to, a follow link will appear on your admin tool bar, which will always be visible.

Other than those, I guess that’s it for now.e


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