Midterm exams are approaching, so as we’re approaching the end of the first half of the calendar year

Hey guys;

Time really flies, now it’s week 5 of this term, which means that…midterm exams are quickly approaching. For me, however, I have just 2 midterm exams this term, on June 3rd and June 9th. Originally the exam that will be on June 9th was scheduled for next Friday but apparently the class voted to move it to June 9th. Nothing of a big deal, this means slightly more time to revise.

On a related note, the first half of 2017 is nearly over. From January 1st up until today, time has gone by really fast. For me June is a somewhat more exciting month, because of a number of events that can be expected. The first is the event code named ‘Aurora’, which, from sources on Facebook backed up by a Facebook event, will be happening on June 10th. This means that, given that the last midterm exam is just a day before, the celebration of the end of the midterm exams for me would be legitimized. Another event that I’m sure will happen is a trip to I think Kanchanaburi on June 24th. As for the details I still don’t know, but hopefully more details will start to flow in soon. In addition to these, there’s the usual Mango Bar Fair and the MUIC Festival.

Oh, and I still didn’t forget the event code named ‘Sunshine’, which will happen on a weekday. As outlined in my earlier post, whether I can attend this event depends on what day it is being held. If it’s held on a Thursday like last year, then I’ll be able to attend. I still has yet to contact the source that I considered as the most reliable though.

In addition to all the above, I still didn’t forget, there’s the possibility that my best friend, who is expected to return to Thailand from Finland soon, may wish to meet up at anytime. If the meet up lasts for hours or more and takes place at her house like on December 30th, then this will be considered a separate event and thus will be counted. But since she hasn’t confirm as to when we could meet, this hypothetical event could happen anytime, and might either be very close or even clash with either with Aurora, Sunshine or the June 24th trip, although I’d prefer that me and my best friend get to meet up either on June 15th, 16th, 17th or 18th. Those days would be desirable because it would have been in the middle of a possible series of events. But…at the end of the day, only time can tell…

So…yeah, I guess that’s it for now…

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