I’m now halfway through the term

Hey guys;

So, today officially marks the halfway point in this term. Time has gone buy very fast. Now we’re in the month of June, and…for me some exciting events are waiting down the line.

So far, this term has been relatively easy, considering that I got 96 out of 100 for my first Elementary French II quiz, and…you probably won’t believe this, but I got full score on the first Fundamental Mathematics quiz! These are indeed good trends, but for math, there’s still this Saturday…yep, the midterm exam, which will be harder than the quiz as more topics are covered.

Compared to this very same term last year, this term is a piece of cake. Yeah, this very term last year was made horrible because of Introduction to Computer Programming assignments! Also this very term last year I had 3 midterm exams in a row…I won’t forget, for as long as I live, the horrors of that term…

As for the adding minor thing…I’m actually considering giving up on it, even though I’ve not officially started the process. But given what I’ve been through with the change of major process, I don’t feel like going through similar processes again. The bureaucratic work is just too much…

As for the upcoming events, I already listed them in the previous post, so be sure to read it.

So…yeah, I guess that’s it for now…


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