An awesome night marks the end of my midterm exams period

Hey guys;

So, after my midterm exams began last week, it had finally come to a close. Though my last exam was on Friday, yesterday officially marks the close of this exams period.

Wait, why yesterday? Well because yesterday was special! And no, I didn’t go to celebrate the end of my exams at my best friend’s house – as much as I would like to…nah, just kidding. It’s the event that I had always enjoy and known since I first participated in June of 2014. I think you readers all know what event I’m referring to…

…That event was the annual STA senior prom! Yesterday’s event was the event code named ‘Aurora’ that I’ve been talking about for the past month or so.

The prom, as stated on the Facebook event page, starts at 18:30. In reality, however, the bulk of the people don’t arrive until like after 19:00 or later. Like the 3 senior proms that I went to, this one is being held at a hotel in Bangkok. Ticket price was 1250 baht, which is not too bad, considering that I have lots of leftover money from the week.

The grand room where the prom takes place was really cool, but annoying in 1 very big way – the light. Blue/purple light seems to dominate the room, and that means taking photos of my dinner is more difficult – I have to use flash.

Dinner was great, as with the 3 senior proms that I went to. This time I ate spaghetti and salmon with rice, which is…amazing. Later I had some desserts, which were also really amazing.

Now, here’s where the fun starts! The dance! Although, unlike previous senior proms, there was no announcement as to when the dance floor was open so I didn’t really know when I could go and dance. But I eventually sort things out and managed to have almost 2 hours of dancing with everyone else, which is…extremely fun! From time to time I popped my phone out, fired up Siri and asked her to identify the songs that was being played. Sometimes it works well, sometimes it didn’t, and sometimes she won’t be able to identify the song. But in the end, checking in the iTunes store’s list of songs that Siri has identified, I managed to identify maybe 10 or 20 songs from the prom

At one point, the music suddenly stopped, and the first thing that crossed my mind is…technical glitch. Senior proms, like the STA high school production and some performances at the annual STA expo, is very technology-reliant. A failure in any of the major hardware components, such as lights or the music speaker or the computer of wich music is being played from, can cripple the whole event. But turns out it was not a technical glitch, but a strange surprise. Out of the blue comes a birthday tune, and by then I knew that it’s someone’s birthday. What a lucky coincident!

As with the previous years, there were prises for the prom king and prom queen, and also the best dress, and I think unique to this year, prom prince and prom princess.

Overall, last night was awesome, and marks the start of a series of event this month that will make up the post midterm exams events. The next event I’m waiting for is…meeting and hanging out with my best friend, who has returned from Finland last Sunday. I’m still waiting for her to confirm the date, time and location again, in case there are any last minute changes. Speaking about my best friend…I thought, since she returned to Bangkok a week before the prom, maybe I could invite her to the prom since she should be in year 10 and is thus qualified to attend but turns out when she went to Finland she spent a year in year 9 which means that she’s not technically qualified for the prom yet, which is a bit disappointing, as if I have my best friend around the prom would have been at least a thousand times more fun, and the prom would have been upgraded to the status of a special event. As for the STA XPO XVII…unfortunately, as much as I would like to go, I can’t because it’s being held on a Wednesday, and I have classes from 12:00 to 16:00, and I also have a class on Thursday. But I still want to visit STA one more time, one last time before the high school campus is moved. This means that I’ll have to find a date to visit STA, either on a Thursday or on a Friday, and I’d better make my decision fast as I believe there are only 3 weeks of school left at STA before the summer holiday.

Another big event that I’m excited for is the trip to Kanchanaburi. This will finally be the first university day trip that I had in a long while. Lastly of course there will be the Mango Bar Fair and the MUIC Festival, which are effectively food fairs with live music performances.

Anyways, that’s it for now…


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