The wait is over…

Hey guys;

You may ask, what did I wait for? Well I would like to take you back to December of 2016 (more specifically, December 30th and 31st) to find the answer. Basically today’s event is the event I’ve been waiting for since then.

Oh, hold on. I got a make up class. Well…forget about it! It’s worthless! Nah, just kidding. Well maybe not, as it’s the teacher who really likes to screw with people’s schedule by announcing the make up class on a day that my dorm supplies weren’t meant to last until. Actually even if the teacher tell the class last week, the odds of me skipping it is pretty high as I got time conflict (I intentionally reserve Thursday afternoons and Fridays, from this week on, until around mid July just in case something special turns up out of the blue) and since I already gave the required presentation, there’s no point attending this make up class.

So, the day begins…it’s once again an ordinary Friday, nothing special…as of yet. But the ordinary shall end when the clocks struck 11:00.

I leave home at around 11:15 or so. The rendezvous place and time was around 12:00 at Ari BTS station. Wonder why this place? Well just click on the December of 2016 in the archives section and look for the post dating December 30th and you’ll find the hint to the answer!

Let’s skip through time…it’s finally 12:00, I was standing under the station, waiting for the other person to arrive…

…Finally, after a good few minutes of waiting, a car finally pulls up and it was destined to pick me up. Once inside, I was greeted by nobody else but…my best friend! Yes, today is another day I went to hang out at her house! The Sun shines brightly and the sky is cloudless…what a beautiful and perfect day to hang out.

Soon after, we arrived at my best friend’s house. Once again the grand structure greets me. We went to a small room that I would assume is a small computer room/living room/game room and waited, for my best friend’s mother’s friend to arrive.

Lunch was, just like the dinner on December 30th of last year, a standard home-prepared meal, and takes place in the dining room downstairs. There was some noodle thing, and some pork, and another Chinese dish that I can’t recall how to write it in English.

After lunch we went upstairs, back to the same grand living room that we hanged out on December 30th of last year. The room looks exactly the same, although this time it’s in broad daylight instead of being bathed in lights surrounded by the darkness of night

The rest of the time plays out almost exactly like that of December 30th, but this time I actually get to spend a good, and I really mean it, good amount of time talking with my best friend. On December 30th of last year we were too caught up in the Monopoly board game. But even with just talking with my best friend in person, it’s still a great fun and a wonderful time. Her brother was, as usual, busy playing a game on the PS4 console and the daughter of her mother’s friend was invited to join. And…guess what game they played? Call of Duty…the same game my best friend’s brother played with her friend on December 30th.

Later, at around 15:45 or 16:00 we were told to get ready to leave right away as my best friend’s mother had an appointment with the dentist, which was a bit of a bummer as that means that an hour was cut short but…hey, at least I get to be with my best friend…so that doesn’t really matter.

We were taken by a van to a small clinic plase where we waited out until her mother finishes, with is around 16:30 or so. The next destination is Central Embassy where my dad will pick me up. The journey was suppose to be smooth, right? Well…wrong! As it’s a weekday and since this is Thailand, traffic jam inevitably kicks in. At one point my phone ran critically low on battery and since no one has a charging cable for the iPhone 5/5C/5S/6/6+/6S/6S+/7/7+ I had to rely on charging my phone’s battery through the front of the car. At one point we had a good deal of fun playing around with Siri, albeit on my best friend’s phone, not mine. At one point I decided to use the ‘hey Siri’ command and asked her ‘what is 0/0?’ and her response made everyone laugh. That made the trip even more interesting and fun. The day finally drawn to a close at like close to 18:00 when we arrived at Central Embassy, where I finally go home with my dad.

Overall the day was amazing and wonderful. Though there was literally nothing interesting to do at my best friend’s house, being able to spend hours with her is the best part of it. Although there was no Monopoly game to turn up the fun, being able to talk for hours with my best friend still makes the day worthwhile. If I could hang out with her again before she leaves for Europe in mid July that would be great, but there’s a small catch. The exact day that she’ll be leaving is on a Friday, which means that she most likely won’t be convenient to meet on the day before, which is a Thursday. This means that if we were to meet up again the date and time’s got to be sorted out fast. A suitable time frame is between June 29th and July 1st and any day between July 6th and 9th. But since she’ll come back again in December, I’ll most likely, if not definitely, get a chance to hang out with her again later this year. If I don’t get to meet her again before she left, that would mean another 6 months of waiting, where loneliness rained supreme. Overall today was another great event, in addition to the prom last week. The Kanchanaburi trip is the event I’m looking forward to right now, in addition to another chance to meet up and hang out with my best friend right before she left.

Anyways, that’s it for now…


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