2017 half-year wrap-up

Hey guys;

So, time has gone by very fast, from January up until June. I know I’ve been a little late in posting this as I’ve been either busy or too lazy to post.

Even though it’s just 6 months, but a lot has taken place; namely the French presidential election, and the British parliamentary election. But this first half also saw scores of horrific terrorist attacks in the UK, particularly the one at a live concert in Manchester resulting in dozens of deaths.

In terms of my life, the first half of the year was rather mixed. There were setbacks, but there were also good news. I missed a second residential trip, but I managed to participate in an off-campus activity, albeit not organized by a MUIC club.

Perhaps the biggest setback was the change of major process. From submitting the request on the Sky system, I thought it would take two weeks (three at most), but to my horror the process dragged on for a month. Not only that, but the reason for why I’m changing my major had to be rewritten again on the paper copy of the change of major form. I don’t know why can’t the staff just copy out the reasons I wrote on the online form…

And…that’s not the end of the story! Transferring courses is another issue. Why? Well it’s down to one subject. Yes, just that one subject! Principles of Mathematics! And why is this subject an issue, given that I passed Statistics? Well I got a D+ for Principles of Mathematics and the minimum grade was a C! And just because of this rather unique combination the process got bogged down as the staff responsible tried to figure out how to handle the case. Eventually the request was approved and the whole process is finally completed…

As a result this term I have to take Fundamental Mathematics which, at first looks relatively easy but things got difficult quite fast, but still nowhere as horrifying as Introduction to Computer Programming last year. Although the fact that I got quite a low score for my midterm is quite disappointing…but when compared to what I got for Principles of Mathematics last year, it’s at least a slight improvement…

In terms of my GPA, although right now for whatever reason it’s not shown on the Sky system, is actually better. From my own calculation, my GPA last term was around 3.0x to 3.1x, which is a significant improvement over the last term, after 2 straight terms where my GPA was below 3.00.

In terms of other events…the series of events following the midterm exams in June were just as amazing as last year. There were a total of five events, just like last year, with the STA senior prom and the MUIC food fairs (one organized by the Mango Bar, and the other two were organized by some groups which I don’t know the names) as usual. But the other two events are different compared to last year. Instead of the STA XPO XVII I get to spend time at my best friend’s house, and instead of a day trip lasting half a day there was a day trip with actual activities that lasted for the whole day.

In terms of this blog itself and my website, the first half of 2017 has seen a complete redesign of this blog in April. In fact I changed themes multiple times since I didn’t really like the results. At the end I decided to abandon the long tradition of displaying the entire post on the main page. The current theme was very readable on the eyes, and looks very simplistic while still being compatible with mobile devices. As for my website…for the first 3-4 months of the year I contemplated what to do with my website, and at the end, I think it was around late April or sometime in May, that I decided that the website is no longer useful and decided to shut it down, and use this blog for articles/tutorials from now on. The big advantage is that the administration is streamlined since I now have just a single site to administer and, given that this blog runs the very same software that powered my website, it’s just as capable for a content management system (CMS) as my website.

So, all in all, the first half of 2017 has been…I’d say quite mixed. There were both good and bad things that occurred in my life, and this blog has underwent a complete theme overhaul along with the expansion of this blog into a CMS at the expense of my website. The second half might get a bit more interesting as I will eventually take part in the buddy program. This opens up a whole chain of opportunities, including an opportunity to organize my very own trip (if that will ever come true), and…the possibility to participate in more activities organized by the Disability Support Service/Mahidol Volunteers. There might also be Loy Krathong this year, but I’ll have to wait and see.

Also down the road, in December, I might get another chance to visit my best friend, and if I’m really lucky, I might get to join another New Years party!

In terms of academic stuff…next term will be the first term (if things go right this term), where all subjects I take are my core subjects, and will also be the first term where three of the four courses I take are at the new building. It might also be the last term that I’ll study at the old building in a good while, as I push on with my core and major courses. If possible, I’d like to try to sustain my GPA in the 3.1x-3.3x range and if possible push it up to 3.5x if possible.

Regarding this blog…the current design will probably continue, but I’ll keep watching for new features that WordPress.com will introduce, including new themes.

Anyways, I guess that’s it for now..


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