Big blog changes might be coming

Hey guys;

Ever since I started using categories for posts, I started to think. Since categories can be added to the main navigation menu similar to pages, I’m wondering whether I would continue to post tutorials/tips and tricks and reviews as pages, or switch to using standard posts entirely. There are both advantages and disadvantages in switching to posts…


  • Ability to add tags.
  • Commenting is on by default.
  • Excerpts can be used to give a summary about the article, such as main points covered in a tutorial/tips and trick or a review.
  • No need for a parent page that doesn’t have any content.


  • Switching to posts entirely requires the conversion of previously published pages into posts, something which can take time.
  • This approach might not be too friendly for mobile devices since users would have to scroll through post headings plus post excerpts, instead of just links in the sitemap.

I’ll give myself a few days to decide, and after that I’ll let you all know whether to implement this big change or to keep things as is. As I’m going on a holiday trip with my family from August 11th to August 14th, I’ll probably make a decision and update all of you by then, if I haven’t forget…

Another equally big change, if not even bigger change, that just crossed my mind is…adding more authors. This would involve personally inviting someone I know (most likely going to be my best friend) to post and publish on my blog. The only catch is…if that person rarely posts or doesn’t post at all, then inviting that person to be a new author for the blog would just be wasteful. Also if I create new authors, the blog title ‘Nut’s Blog’, along with the blog description, would cease to make sense. But still, this is an interesting concept, and…I’ll give myself time to think about it. But I’ll definitely let you guys know if this big change is going to happen, along with the conversion from pages to posts outlined above.

Anyways, I guess that’s it for now…


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