Good-bye pages, well…sort of

Hey guys;

As I told you the last post, after my holiday trip I’ll make a decision whether to keep using static pages for articles (you know tutorials/reviews). Well I finally made up my mind.

The decision is, existing pages are here to stay, and will still be accessible and you can still like and comment on the ones where I have comments enabled. However, I will not create new pages. Instead, for new tutorials, tips and tricks and reviews, I’ll use post categories instead. You’ll see links to these categories shortly after this post is published, and this post will be the first post in those categories. Also, for posts in the tutorials/tips and tricks and the reviews categories, excerpts (proper excerpts, not the one generated automatically based on the first dozen words of the post) will be used, and will probably contain a brief summary of the post content.

So yeah, that’s it for now…this is just a quick update, really.


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