Unveiling the new header image

Hey guys;

Right, after a refresh of the blog’s appearance in April, the blog hasn’t have any header image since. Well…that time is now over, as I just inserted a brand new header image for the blog!

Simply, the header image is an image of my beloved inflatable shark (I use to like the Pegasus, but sadly it broke last month). The image itself is not the original photo of the shark; this image has undergone processing in Paint Dot Net.

Basically what I did is…I use the magic wand tool to remove the background, and then crop the image a bit, and then remove any remaining unwanted bits using the rectangular select tool. I might do a tutorial on removing backgrounds one day, and it will be on this blog as always. It will also be the first tutorial to utilize the categories system that I put in place.

Now, some of you might say that I’m crazy or something, but…to be honest I don’t really care. There’s nothing wrong about liking inflatable toys at the age of 21; my personal hobbies or preferences are independent of my age. And in fact I’m not doing anything wrong; I’m just exercising my rights given to me by the law. Just as how Americans think they have the right to own guns, well…I have the same idea; I think I have the right to own inflatable toys…

Anyways, the header image itself actually fits in very well with my profile picture…in it I was holding the shark, and the header image is just the shark itself.

The one downside that I don’t quite like is that parts of my blog’s title seems to blend in with a small white portion of the shark. This is not good as that means the blog title would be a bit harder to read. I still can’t figure out a fix for it, other than to crop the image again but this time select the top portion of the shark instead…which I don’t think I like to use that much.

Anyways, that’s it for now…

Update: After examining the edited image up close, I noticed that there are bits of the background that still remain, and also very small bits of the shark appears to have been stripped out. So decided to give up trying to create an image with a transparent background and use the original photo instead. This effectively solves the problem I mentioned earlier.

Update 2: I decided to remove the social links because I realized that it’s not being used at all (I haven’t receive any new Facebook friend requests originating from the social links; same goes for new Twitter and Instagram followers and Youtube subscribers).


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